Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[IMCY Activity] Deco Maki Sushi Workshop & Gathering for mothers

Let’s get together with local and foreign mothers and enjoy  Deco Maki Sushi!
This workshop is provided by IMCY mothers for women who live and raise children in Yokohama, to make our lives happier and more comfortable.                 
★Date1★ Friday, December 6th 2013   10:30-12:30 
※Application Deadline:Nov.25th  
Snowman&Kagami-mochi (for the holiday season♪)

★Date2★ Monday, January 27th 2014    10:30-12:30  
※Application Deadline:Jan.14th
Baby Panda (easy to make but so cute♪)

Maeda Emi (JLL Japan Deco Sushi Association Master Instructor) Blog(in japanese)
She is also a mother of four daughters and lives in Yokohama.
※Her classes are usually in Japanese, but we will prepare recipes and instructions in English.

【Time Schedule】
10:30-11:00 Reception & Babysitter service starts,Kankankyo Introduction Video(5 min),self‐introduction
11:00-12:00 Making(rolling) sushi
12:00-12:30 Tasting time
12:30-12:45 Piking up children

【Target Persons】
Mothers/expecting mothers who would like to try making Decorative Sushi Rolls  and get together with other mothers/expecting  mothers regardless the nationality.

 観環居(Kankankyo) Official website(in Japanese)
This place is an Experimental House of Smart Network Project by Sekisui House,LTD.
They kindly offer us their place for this event, and it's a modern Japanese style house standing among the high-rise buildings in Minatomirai.

 【Access】1min walk from the Minatomirai  Line  Shintakashima
Station Exit #3,
or 7min walk from Yokohama Station East Exit.
The place is catercorner of Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery.
Official website(in japanese)

1,000yen/each time
Materials, the recipe and insurance charges included.
Please pay in cash on the day.

【Babysitter service(NPO Hagutto)】
Free of charge
Reservation required: Please let us know your child’s name and age.

【Class size】
16 people at max /each time
Please note that if the number of applications exceeds the capacity, participants will be
selected through a drawing.

Please let us know if you have food allergies or anything you can't eat.
(We are going to use sushi rice with vinegar and nori seaweed as basic ingredients for both workshops. Please let us know if you don't like them).

【Inquiries and application】
Please  e-mail us your name, residence area(City and Ward),phone number, email address and on which day you would liketo attend (you can also apply for both).
We will reply to you within three days for confirmation.
Feel free to ask any questions!

e-mail:【at】  (Please change 【at】 to @)

Organizer :International Mothers Community in Yokohama(IMCY) 
IMCY is a group of international mothers providing a place to share information related to child-care on the Facebook  and the blog in English.

This activity is supported by Nikomachi Subsidy.                                                                 

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