Saturday, June 25, 2016

[EVENT] Summer Field Trip: Paper Recycling Factory, July 2016

*This event is held by Naka Community Activity Center (Naka-ward). The information provided by International Exchange Yokohama Madoka Group)

The Summer field trip to a paper recycling factory for foreign residents in Yokohama. For elementary school student and up. Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Please read the detail and sign up to participate.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

[PLAY GROUP] IMCY Chat Cafe July 18th, 2016

Thank you very much for coming to our Chat Cafe in June! The weather wasn't beautiful as it's in the middle of the rainy season, but we had a great time with moms and kids.

The next IMCY Chat Cafe is :

Monday (Holiday), July 18th, 2016, 10:30-12:45

Fukushia Multipurpose room, 3F First Place Yokohama, 2-7-1 Takashima, Nisei-Ward
(5min walk from Yokohama station East gate)

This time it's on a Japanese national holiday (Umi-no-hi: Day of the Sea), so working moms and dads who can't make it on weekdays are welcomed!

We are having lunch time from 11:30-12:45. Please bring bento lunch with you if you like. 
*Please avoid eating near the lockers. Other groups keep their belongings there and they might get wet or dirty in case we spill drinks etc.

*Your help is always appreciated! If you can come a bit earlier (10:15-10:20), please help us organize the room (hold and push out the tables and chairs to the walls to make a free space for young kids, take out joint mats etc.)

*Please bring baby or kids stuff in good condition that you wish to give away. If these items can''t find the second owner by the end of the playgroup, please bring them back with you.

*Some volunteer members will prepare cookies and cakes. If you would like some, we ask for the cost (usually 100yen per serving). Please put the money in the box.

*Please feel free to bring children's books to read at the playgroup. Any language is okay (if you can read).

*There is no changing table at Fukushia but you can change diapers using your changing mat on the floor.

*There is no nursing room either. You can feed your baby in the storage room or by using your cape in the room.

*This playgroup is run by on-time mothers of young children. There might be some inconvenience for you. We appreciate your kind understanding!

We are looking forward to seeing you then!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

[WELFARE] Child Allowance Present Condition Form 2016

Did you find an yellow envelop from the city of Yokohama in your mailbox? In this time of the year, we need to turn in Jido Teate, Genkyo Todoke (児童手当・特例給付現況届) , Child Allowance Present Condition form by the end of June, to receive the allowance.

In the envelop, you find:
1) A green sheet (the announcement of the present condition form)
2) A white one-sided sheet (how to fill in the form)
3) A white sheet (the child allowance present condition form)
4) A green envelop (to send it by post)

*in this context, "you" refers to the recipient of the envelop, usually one of the caretakers who earns more than the other(s).



You need to turn in the present condition form: in case it wasn't submitted, you will not receive the allowance in June and after.

What To Submit

-A present condition form
-A photocopy of your health insurance card or pension certificate etc.
-Your income certificate if you became a citizen of Yokohama after January 2nd, 2016.
  Please ask the office of your previous town/city for the certificate. Be sure to tell the officer that you need this for Child Allowance.
*Those who have been living in Yokoahama since before January 1st, 2016 don't need this.
*For those who moved in to Yokohama after January 2nd, 2016, and use the Medical Expense Subsidy for Children (Shoni Iryo-sho 小児医療証, up to Elementary school 3rd grade) or nursery services, you may need to turn in the income certificate for Child Allowance to your local ward office (the department of Insurance and Pension/ the department of Child and Family Support). Please ask your local ward office for more detail.

-In case you need another document to turn in, you will be notified of it later.


Thursday, 30th June, 2016

How to Submit

1) By Post: Use the green envelop enclosed in the letter. Please put the right amount of postal stamp. You can also make use of registered mail system of the Japan Post if you wish.

2) At the Counter: You can bring it to your ward office, こども家庭支援課 (kodomo katei shine ka/the department of Child and Family Support).
*Be careful of their business hours.

[on the BACK]

Income Check of the Recipient's Spouse

To confirm who is the main supporter of your household (=who earns more), the income of the recipient's spouse must be checked and the accordance is needed.

Prescription of Child Allowance

You will no longer have right to receive Child Allowance in two years without submitting the present condition form.

How much Child Allowance you will receive

The amount changes according to your income.
The monthly amount per child
Child Allowance (under the income limit):
under 3 y-old 15000 yen
3-12 (elementary school), 1st &2nd child 10000 yen, after 3rd child 15000 yen
12-15 (junior high school) 10,000 yen
Special Benefit (over the income limit): 5000 yen regardless of age

Point: Income Limit 

If your income is over the income limit, you will receive Special Benefit (5000 yen/child/month) regardless of the age and the number of children.
The recipient is a caretaker who support most of the expense of the child (basically the one who earns more). If your spouse earns more etc. you need to change the recipient (the department of Child and Adolescent will let you know).

The income limit differs according to the number of dependent family members and the deduction.
*Let me skip the income limit system!*


How to fill in the form

①Date of application  ex) June 15th, 20156= 平成 28 年  6 月 15 日
Always in  yy-mm-dd order in Japan. The year 2016is Heisei 28.
②Recipient information area
③The recipient's name (who earns the most in your household)
④Family name stamp if you have, or your signature.
⑤Sex: Male 男 Female 女
⑥Birthdate (may already be printed)
⑦Address (may be already printed), if the current address isn't what is printed here, erase with two parallel lines and fill in the correct address
⑧Telephone numbers (upper line: home, lower line: mobile phone number)
⑨Do you have a spouse? Circle Yes: 有 No: 無
If no, you don't have to fill in the Spouse area.
⑩Occupation: Circle  会社員 employee 自営業 self-employed 公務員 civil servant 無職 unemployed その他 others
⑪Office name and number
⑫Pension Type: (1) Employee's Pension (2) Mutual Aid Pension (3) National Pension (including no.3) (4) No Pension
Those with (1) and (2) are required to photocopy the health insurance card and attach it on the back of the form.
⑬Income Certificate: Where was your address on January 1st 2015? Circle 横浜市 the city of Yokohama 横浜市外 out of the city of Yokohama 国外 outside Japan
For those who lived outside Japan before January 2nd, 2015, no need to turn in the income certificate.
⑭Employee or not: 被用者=Employee
⑮Spouse's information area
⑯Name of the spouse
⑰Birthdate of the spouse
⑱Do you live together with your spouse? Circle Yes:同居 No:別居
⑲Address on January 1st 2016. Circle 横浜市 the city of Yokohama 横浜市外 out of the city of Yokohama 国外 outside Japan
⑳Do you have income? Yes 有 No 無
㉑Occupation: Circle  会社員 employee 自営業 self-employed 公務員 civil servant 無職 unemployed その他 others
㉒Office name and number
㉓Children information area: from left to right Name, Relationship (子child 孫 grandchild etc.), Birthdate, Living together or not, Living (must be 同一same if it's your child)

*Please fill in all your children from 0 year old to 18 years old (considered as 18 years old till March 31st after turning 18).
*Need another document if you live separately with your children. If your children live outside Yokohama, you need an original Jyumin-hyo (resident's card) with all your family member names.
*In case your children are studying abroad, write down the date of departure. Need another document to submit, too.


What is written on the bottom

*You cannot change the recipient with this form. 

*If you have more than six children, you have two sheets of this form. Please submit both.

Convenant clauses and agreement
(1) I agree with that the city of Yokohama searches the recipient and his/her spouse's income information for official records or documents at other executive agencies  in order to judge the necessary conditions to provide Child Allowance and Extra Benefit. 
(2) In case the necessary information cannot be confirmed by official records, I will turn in necessary documents.

Caution: To receive Child Allowance, you need to turn in the Present Condition form.
In two years without turning in the form, you will lose the right to receive the allowance.

The backside

①Please attach a copy of your health insurance on this side.
②Why a copy of our health insurance card is necessary?
We need to confirm that the claimant of the allowance is "employed" or not (*1) and we use the copy of "the health insurance card of the claimant" as an easy way to check it.
 You may need to turn in the pension certificate depending on your pension, so please read the following statements and submit what is necessary.
③1. The claimant is a member of
-Employees Pension (so-called Kosei Nenkin pension or Kyosai Nenkin pension)
If the recipient had an issuance card of one of below or don't know whats:
 (a) Health Insurance Membership Card (Japan Health Insurance Association/ Health Insurance Associations)
 (b) Japan Doboku Kenchiku (public engineering) Health Insurance Association Card
 (c) Private School Teachers mutual-aid Association Card
 (d) Japan Post mutual-aid Association Card
(e) Sailor Health Insurance Card
(f) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology mutual-aid Membership Card (limited to branches like universities)
 (g) Among mutual-aid membership cards, the one that it is clear the employer is an independent administrative institution or a local independent administrative institution.
Please attach the photocopy of the claimant's card. *Not the one of your children.

④2. The claimant is a member of (1) Employees Pension or (2) Mutual Aid Pension (as declared on the surface) but the health insurance is National Health Insurance.

Please receive a certificate from your office.
*Your office (company) will fill in the form on the bottom.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[Event]Crafts(Uchiwa fan making) and icing cookie decoration party!




今回は、鶴見に新しく開校した、Hello Kids International schoolとのコラボレーションで、アイシングクッキーの飾り付けと、夏にぴったりな、うちわ作りを楽しみます。


※終了後、Hello Kids International schoolのガイドツアーを実施します(希望者のみ)



●定員 30組程度を予定





2、オリジナル うちわ作り




申込みメールアドレス: 担当:公門(きみかど)


イベント終了(16:00頃予定)後、Hello Kids International school 鶴見校のガイドツアーを予定しています!ご希望の方はぜひご参加ください。予約は必要ありません。


Won't you join us for crafts (Uchiwa fan making) and icing cookie decoration?

We are hosting an event for mothers and fathers in/around Yokohama. Let’s get together and build a relationship to help out each other and to make our lives happier.

In a collaboration with Hello Kids International school—recently opened in Tsurumi—we'll enjoy icing cookie decoration and Uchiwa fan-making (a perfect activity for summer).

While having fun with our children, we also hope to widen our cultural circle of families. Won't you join us?

 2016 July 9 (Saturday) 2:30 to 4:00 pm
※ After the event, there will be a guided tour in Hello Kids International School (for those who are interested).

Hello Kids Tsurumi International School
(2-15-21 Tsurumi Chuo, Tsurumi-ku Yokohama City, Kanagawa, JAPAN)

About 30 families
※If the number of applications exceeds the limit, we'll choose the participants randomly.

Application Deadline:
June 30th (Thursday)

What we do:

1. Icing cookie decoration
Try decorating (icing) some cookies.
Children can enjoy creating their own original designs!

※ Five cookies will be provided for each child. You can take your cookies home on the day. (If you have a Tupperware container to keep your cookies in, please bring it with you.)

2. Original Uchiwa fan making
Uchiwa fans are a quintessential symbol of Japanese summer. Let's use a Uchiwa fan as a canvas and have fun drawing!
Children can make their own original Uchiwa fan by drawing whatever pattern or picture they like.

※ One Uchiwa fan will be provided for each child. You can take home your completed fan on the day.

Application and Inquiries: 
Please apply for this event by sending e-mail to us (* Please replace * with @)with your full name, the name of your ward, phone number, email address, your child’s name and age.

We hope to see all your smiley faces!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

[EVENT] AED Lesson for Foreign Families at Hodogaya International Lounge 2016

Hodogaya International Lounge is having an AED (first aid) lesson for foreign families this year again. This event is for non-Japanese speaking parents/caretakers of young children to learn and practice some first-aid including the AED, CPR etc. The lesson is provided by Hodogaya fire station staff in Japanese and that will be translated into English.  Please sign up to join it.

Tuesday, 28th June, 10:30-11:30
Iwama Shimin Plaza 3F Japanese Room
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