Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[IMCY Activity] Deco Maki Sushi Workshop & Gathering for mothers

Let’s get together with local and foreign mothers and enjoy  Deco Maki Sushi!
This workshop is provided by IMCY mothers for women who live and raise children in Yokohama, to make our lives happier and more comfortable.                 
★Date1★ Friday, December 6th 2013   10:30-12:30 
※Application Deadline:Nov.25th  
Snowman&Kagami-mochi (for the holiday season♪)

★Date2★ Monday, January 27th 2014    10:30-12:30  
※Application Deadline:Jan.14th
Baby Panda (easy to make but so cute♪)

Maeda Emi (JLL Japan Deco Sushi Association Master Instructor) Blog(in japanese)
She is also a mother of four daughters and lives in Yokohama.
※Her classes are usually in Japanese, but we will prepare recipes and instructions in English.

【Time Schedule】
10:30-11:00 Reception & Babysitter service starts,Kankankyo Introduction Video(5 min),self‐introduction
11:00-12:00 Making(rolling) sushi
12:00-12:30 Tasting time
12:30-12:45 Piking up children

【Target Persons】
Mothers/expecting mothers who would like to try making Decorative Sushi Rolls  and get together with other mothers/expecting  mothers regardless the nationality.

 観環居(Kankankyo) Official website(in Japanese)
This place is an Experimental House of Smart Network Project by Sekisui House,LTD.
They kindly offer us their place for this event, and it's a modern Japanese style house standing among the high-rise buildings in Minatomirai.

 【Access】1min walk from the Minatomirai  Line  Shintakashima
Station Exit #3,
or 7min walk from Yokohama Station East Exit.
The place is catercorner of Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery.
Official website(in japanese)

1,000yen/each time
Materials, the recipe and insurance charges included.
Please pay in cash on the day.

【Babysitter service(NPO Hagutto)】
Free of charge
Reservation required: Please let us know your child’s name and age.

【Class size】
16 people at max /each time
Please note that if the number of applications exceeds the capacity, participants will be
selected through a drawing.

Please let us know if you have food allergies or anything you can't eat.
(We are going to use sushi rice with vinegar and nori seaweed as basic ingredients for both workshops. Please let us know if you don't like them).

【Inquiries and application】
Please  e-mail us your name, residence area(City and Ward),phone number, email address and on which day you would liketo attend (you can also apply for both).
We will reply to you within three days for confirmation.
Feel free to ask any questions!

e-mail:【at】  (Please change 【at】 to @)

Organizer :International Mothers Community in Yokohama(IMCY) 
IMCY is a group of international mothers providing a place to share information related to child-care on the Facebook  and the blog in English.

This activity is supported by Nikomachi Subsidy.                                                                 

[IMCY Activity] 保育付き♪デコ巻き寿司Workshop & 交流会



★日程1★ 2013年12月6日(金)10:30-12:30  
クリスマスやお正月にぴったり♪ 『スノーマン&鏡餅』

★日程2★ 2014年1月27日(月)10:30-12:30  
簡単だけどカワイイ♪ 『子パンダ』

講師は前田恵美さん(JLL 日本デコずし協会認定 マイスターインストラクター ブログはコチラ)です。先生もまた横浜に住む子育て中のママ(しかも4姉妹の!)です。ワークショップは日本語で進行します。(作り方などの当日の資料は日本語・英語で用意する予定です。)



アクセス】 みなとみらい線「新高島駅」3番出口より徒歩1分又は、JR「横浜駅」そごう側出口より徒歩7分程度

10:30-11:00 受付開始、保育預け、観環居さんのご紹介ビデオ(5分ほど)、自己紹介等
11:00-12:00 巻き巻きしながら交流
12:00-12:30 試食しながら交流
12:30-12:45 保育お迎え、終了


★保育(特定非営利活動法人 はぐっと)★

各回16名 (定員を超えた場合は各締切日に抽選となります。予めご了承ください。)


宛先【at】 (【at】を@に変更してください。)





Tuesday, October 22, 2013

[EVENT] Yokohama Farming and Green Festival 3rd November 2013

Place: Yokohama City Environmental Activity Support Center, Yokohama Jido Yuenchi park, and Yokohama Municipal Children's Botanical Garden.
These facilities are next to each other (The botanical garden is in Minami-ku, but just across the road from the park.) There is also the Common Wealth War Cemetery Yokohama next to the Jido Yuenchi Park, which is nice place to visit.
*There is a parking for 50 cars, but as there will be a lot of visitors on that day, we are requested to come by public means of transportation.

Larger Map

Date and hours: 3rd November 2013, 10:00-14:00 (-15:00 at the botanical garden for children)
Schedule (in Japanese)

Canceled in case of storm.

<Yokohama Farming and Green Festival 2013> at Jido Yuenchi Park

Reaping experience of vegetables, craft workshops (wood, acorns, pressed flower etc.), food stands (yakisoba, pork soup, sausages etc.), fresh vegetable market, garbage/firefighter truck presentation etc.

<Yokohama Stockbreeding Festival 2013> at Yokohama City Environmental Activity Support Center

Food stands, sales of Yokohama pork and beef, eggs, ice-cream etc... everything from Yokohama.
Some photos from the official website (the link is below).
The milking experience machine.

There will be some cows.

Yokohama porc / beef.

Yakitori (Yokohama Chicken)

Source: Official site of Yokohama City (in Japanese)

<Thanks Giving of Fallen Leaves> at Yokohama Municipal Children's Botanical Garden

Herb tea, dried flower wreaths, fruits (kaki) etc... The original rose of Yokohama, Hamamirai will be sold.

Official site (in Japanese)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

[EVENT] Yokohama Market Festival 2013 on 27th October

There will be the Yokohama Market Festival on Sunday, 27th October.
*IMCY will join Kandaiji Chiku Center Festival on the very same day, so please visit us, too!!

Yokohama Market Main Place Fish market is also open to public on 1st and 3rd Saturdays every month, 9:00-11:00 (the webpage in Japanese).

Yokohama Central Market Main Place (Kanagawa ward) 9:00-14:00 横浜中央卸売市場本場

Fresh Bazaar of vegetables, fruits and meat, trying and sales of vegetables, meat etc.. Taiko, dance and juggle performances.

Larger Map

Access: Yokohama Municipal Bus #48, to Cotton Harbor, get off at Chuo-Shijo Mae(about 10 min).
Bus schedule (revised July 2013)
15 min walk from Keikyu Line Kanagawa station, 20 min walk from Yokohama station, 25 min walk from Keikyu Nakakido station or JR Higashi-Kanagawa station.

Yokohama South Market (Kanazawa ward) 8:00-13:00 南部市場

Fresh Bazaar of vegetables, fruits, meat and flowers, sanma (fish of autumn) grill, tuna cut-out show, dance, taiko performances..

Larger Map

Access: Seaside Line Nanbu Shijo station (one stop from Shin-Sugita station)

Photos from last year:

Source: Official website of the city of Yokohama (in Japanese)

[PLAYGROUP] Yokohama Weekend English Club Halloween Party on 20th October, 2013

Sorry for the short notice.
Yokohama Weekend English Club (YWEC) will have a Halloween party on Sunday, 20th October, 2013. It will be their last monthly meeting since the regular members got too busy at the moment.

Date: 20th October (SUN) 10:00-12:00
Place: Near Kannai (please e-mail to IMCY)
Fee: The room charge (1500 yen) will be split by families. If you need materials for the craft, 50 to 100 yen will be added to it. It is usually less than 500 yen.

*Please bring candies for trick-or-treating, too. And feel free to come in costume, especially kids!


Songs: This Is My Favorite Pumpkin

Hello My Friends (Let's go Trick-or-treating!)

 Craft: Let's make a bag for trick-or-treating!

This is a sample bag made of milk carton. 
There are some extra materials but there may not be enough milk cartons (in that case, you'll use a small paper shopping bag). So if you would like to make this type of bag, please bring a milk carton for yourself.

Stories: My First Halloween and Mr. Tickle and Scary Halloween

Free chat time for moms and dads.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[IMCY ACTIVITY] The IMCY Booth at Local Festivals

There are many festivals in autumn, and we will have a booth at two of the local festivals!!! We have to purposes: 1) to advertise our group and activities and 2) to get some money to do more activities.
Please come and visit our booth!

1) Kandaiji Chiku Center Festival, Sunday 27th October (11:00-15:00)

Our booth will be in the entrance hall (shared with another international organization) and we will sell handmade goods (hair accessories, wooden charm, otedama, and knits) and accessories from India.

The official notice in Japanese

Place: Kandaiji Chiku Center (神大寺地区センター)
7 min walk from Katakura-cho station, Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line

View in Larger Map

2) Hodogaya International Festival, Sunday 17th November (11:00-14:40)

Our booth will be on the 4th Floor. We are going to offer Hena hand paint and sell handmade goods and cookies.

The official flyer of the event (English)

Place: Iwama Shimin Plaza (岩間市民プラザ)
2 min walk from Tennocho station, Sotetsu Line (local train)

View in Larger Map

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[GOVERNMENT] The Notice of the Child Allowance Payment

A sealed postcard from the city of Yokohama arrived. It was a notice of the Child Allowance payment. So if you receive this, the allowance will be transferred to your account soon (or already transferred).

① the sum of the allowance
② the adjustment amount
③ the amount of money to be paid this time
④ the scheduled date of transfer (of the allowance)
⑤ the year and month of payment (H25 means Heisei 25 = 2013)
⑥ the number of children
⑦ the amount of allowance
⑧ the category of allowance (児童手当 jido teate : child allowance / 特例手当 tokurei teate : special allowance)
⑨ For the recipient of the Child Allowance
You are requested to declare (to turn in the documents) in the following cases:
-when the number of children (to receive the allowance) increased, for example, a new baby was born
-when the recipient moves out of the city
-when the recipient becomes a civil servant
-when the recipient no longer take care of the children (to receive the allowance)
-when the number of children decreased, for example, the children move to a child care institution or foster parents', or when the children are gone.
-when there is a change in the account information or the name of the recipient
-when the recipient lives separately with the children in question, but continues taking care of them.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

[SHOP] WE Shop -A Reuse/Recycle Shop for Charity

Have you ever noticed an orange colored "WE Shop" in your neighborhood?

WE21 Japan is an NPO which consists of 36 local NPOs that manage WE Shops throughout Kanagawa (and some parts of Tokyo).

"It is our mission to end the globally recurring problems of fighting over natural resources, environmental destructions, poverty, and promote focusing on the environment and human rights and increased local awareness. To connect those activities to the next generation, we promote local activities within local community." 
(a citation from WE21 Japan official website)

For more details about the organization and their activities, please visit their website:
WE21 Japan English page

WE Shops are one of their activities and they sell donated goods and use the profit to support women and children, mainly in Asian countries, become independent. They also support the Great East Japan Earthquake reconstruction, especially Fukushima (Fukushima Poka Poka Project by FoEJAPAN).
WE Shop List in English

How to Donate goods

*Goods to be accepted may be slightly different at each shop. Please contact and confirm them beforehand.

They accept:
Clothes in good condition and of on season. Please wash before bring in.
Under-wears, socks and pyjamas must be new or unused.

Tablewares, kitchenwares without scratch, crack, chip, nor stain. Pots must be new.
Shoes and bags in good condition.
New or unused towels and handkerchiefs.
Cloths and yarns.
Accessories, scarfs and toys (almost new).

New or unused stationaries.

They cannot accept:
Detergents, soaps, medicines, cosmetics, electric devices, strollers, baby seats, ski goods, golf goods, furniture, books, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, stuffed toys.

Some of the WE Shops collect used vegetable oil. (in Japanese)
The collected oil will be turned into VDF (vegetable diesel fuel) etc.

How to donate
Pour used (or unused but expired) vegetable oil in a plastic bottle with a lid.
Visit your closest WE Shop (in the list below) and place the bottle(s) in the pail at the shop.

15 WE Shops Collecting Vegetable Oil
Izumi-Nakata, Izumi-Ryoke, Izumi-Ogimaru, Fujisawa, Shonandai, Kugenuma-Kaigan, Hodogaya-Hoshikawa, Hodogaya-Tennocho, Isogo, Tuzuki, Yamato, Samukawa, Tsurumi, Hiratsuka-Daikancho, Hiratsuka-Asahi


I visited the WE Shop Hoshikawa the other day and talked with the manager of the shop. This shop is run by WE21 Japan Hodogaya (they also manage Tennocho shop). Hoshikawa shop collects and sells kimonos, which can be said to be their specialty.

"No Poverty Campaign" was going on when I visited there. 16th October is the "World Food Day" and 17th October is "International Day for the Eradication of Poverty" (both recognized by the United Nations). The shop supports an NGO ACE (Action against Child Exploitation, Japan) who work in India and Ghana. 

Girl's kimono accessories for Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3), the celebration for kids at the ages of three, five and seven. They are going to hold "Kimono Fair" on 21st and 22nd October, 2013.

Japanese tablewares. I bought some nice Japanese dishes the other day (¥10 and ¥100/piece). There are also western-design tablewares, too. 

Toys for kids. My child found some for himself, too. There are clothes for kids in the shop.

Kimono "remake" accessories. They also provide Kimono remake workshops every month.
(Sakiori method, 2nd Thursday, ¥300. Zori Japanese slipper with cloth, 3rd Wednesday, ¥500. Small accessories, 4th Wednesday ¥300. Each workshop is 13:00-16:00. Reservation needed: 045-334-5140 We Shop Hoshikawa) 

They hope that a lot of people get to know their activities and visit the WE Shops, especially young people. 

In the end, I would like to show my gratitude to the president of WE21 Japan and the manager of WE Shop Hoshikawa to have kindly accepted this interview.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

【Event】Telescope Observation of the Waxing Moon

There will be an event which you can look at the waxing moon through a telescope at Minatomirai.Of course with kids! If you bring your digital camera, you can take photos of the moon.(In case of single-lens reflex camera,only Nikon)

Date: Saturday,12th October,2013 16:30-20:00
※You can come and go anytime during 16:30-20:00.
16:30-17:15 Lecture(in Japanese)...
17:15- Obsevation and taking photos
※maybe canceled due to bad weather
Place:観環居(Kankankyo)This is a showroom of Sekisui House,LTD.
The place is catercorner of Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery.
@How to get there@
The nearest station is '新高島 Shintakashima'
★From Minatomirai Rine Shintakashima Station 1min walk
★From Yokohama Station East Exit 10mins walk

Thursday, October 3, 2013

[EVENT] Yokohama Station Festival 2013, 4-14 October

Yokohama Station Festival 2013(2013横浜えきまつり)started around Yokohama station!!
The 14th of October is the Day of the Train in Japan since the first passenger train started to run on that day in 1872 (from Shimbashi to Yokohama, but to be precise, both stations at that time situated in different places of the present time, the Yokohama station at that time was now called Sakuragicho station).
And the Yokohama Station Festival 2013 is from 4th October to 14th October.

Official Website of the festival in Japanese

There are various events and here are some pick-ups. All of them are free of charge (except for goods sales).


Nishi-guchi (West Exit) Live
At Takashimaya
5th and 6th October 11:00-15:30, 13th October 11:00-14:00
1F  main entrance stage at Takashimaya Yokohama store
5&6th : a Vietnamien singer, Hien Thuc, a idol dance group from Laos, Over Dance and other performance of ASEAN countries
13th : Yokohama Firefighter Band, Yokohama F Marinos cheer leading team, Japanese drum performance etc.

At Joinus
5th and 12th October, 13:00-, 15:00-, 17:00
B2F square
Smile Song (a free live held every saturday, Station festival special version)


YOKOHAMA Train Festival 2013
5 and 6th October
At Yokohama Shintoshi Hall (Sogo 9F) Plaza (in front of Sogo, B2F) 5th:9:45-17:00, 6th 10:00-17:00
Photo with the stationmaster (on 5th only), Panel Quiz Rally, Craft workshop etc.
At Porta Shopping Mall 9:45-16:00
Train goods and the local specialties will be sold.

Train Characters Gathering
5th October 11:00-16:00
At JR Yokohama Station Central Concourse

From left to right:
Keikyun from Keikyu Line
Norurun from Tokyu Line
Hama no Denchan from JR East Yokohama branch
Hamarin from Yokohama Municipal Transport
Hyo-chan from Kiyoken (nothing to do with trains though specialty of Yokohama)

Come on Kids! Get on a mini-train!!
14th October 11:00~13:00, 14:00~16:30
At 2F Terrace in Sogo Yokohama
Kids can get on a 6-car mini train running around the terrace
Canceled in case of heavy rain

Yokohama Station Festival Walking Day
14th October
Admission at Sakuragicho station Concourse, from 9:00 to 11:00
It will take about 4hours 30min (including the sightseeing time, walking time around 2hours, about 7km). You are supposed to arrive at the Goal (JR Yokohama Station Concourse) by 16:00.
Course: JR Sakuragicho, The First Railway Monument, Dockyard garden, Nihonmaru, Kisha michi street, Zou no hana park, Red Brick Warehouse, Rinko Park, Yokohama Museum of Art, Hara Model Train Museum, JR Yokohama Station.


Yamate Halloween Walk 2013

(Stamp Rally in costumes, Free of charge)
Sunday, 27th October, 2013
10:00-16:00 (in Japanese)

Place: 7 Western Houses in Yamate, Yamate 68, YITC, Iwasaki Museum, America yama Park, Marine Tower and Yokohama Doll House

Start place: anywhere above, but you must be in costume to get the stamp card
Goal: British House Yokohama, Bluff 18 and America yama Park

Prize: Effort Prize (9 stamps, first 2000 people)
Perfect Prize (13 stamps, first 100 people)

Open Cafe in front of Ehrisman Residence and Diplomat's House
Open Garden at Yamate 234, 10:00~ free tulip for first 100 people
Face Painting at Yamate 111, British House, Yamate 234, Berrick Hall, and Diplomat's House
10:00-15:00 100 yen, first 150 people

Kitchen Cars (food stands) at America yama Park
Costume and goods sales at 7 Western houses

Costume Contest at Italia yama Garden. Application from 13:30, first 50 groups, 14:00 the contest starts (grand-prix, the president's prize and unique prize)

(1-hour free parking at Yamashita Parking with 9 stamps)

Halloween decorations at 7 western houses from 19th October.

Kawasaki Halloween 2013

Date: 26-27th October, 2013
English Page

Motomachi Halloween 2013

Date: Thursday, 31st October, 2013 (trick-or-treating from 16:00~)
Place: Motomachi Shopping Street (in Japanese)

Peko and Poko (Fujiya characters) will come in costume, too!
Kids in costume can enjoy trick-or-treating at shops.

Takarajima Halloween Rally 2013

Date: Sunday, 27th October, 2013
Target: Children under 12, in costume
Place: Minatomirai Area

*Official details has not been released online yet.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN in Minatomirai 21 Shintakashima 2013

Date: Saturday, 26th October, 2013
Place: Shintakashima

*Official details has not been released online yet.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[IMCY] IMCY Event Calendar Started

We added a page of "Calendar" on this blog.
Please click the "Calendar" tab to see the calendar. (or click here Calendar page)

Events are added whenever we find fun events in/around Yokohama. Please click each event to find more detail. We try to post an article in case if it is a big event or if it needs to be described in detail (programs etc...), but other events should be just added to the calendar. So please check it out time to time to find something interesting!