Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

[IMCY ACTIVITY REPORT] Bazaars Autumn 2015

This autumn, we attended two local festivals in Yokohama: Hodogaya International Festa and Kaminoki Chiku Center Festival.

1) Hodogaya International Festa (Nov. 15)

We sold handmade items (by our volunteer members) and some imported items from India, Mexico, Hong Kong and France. Hair accessories for little girls were very popular! Our booth is always on the 4th floor where there are an exit from the hall and the kimono trial and photo shot room, so there are always many international people in their ethnic costume or kimono. We also enjoyed some ethnic foods from the stands downstairs.

This time, we also had a Christmas ornament workshop for children. Children loved it a lot and were happy with their project!

2) Kaminoki Chiku Center Festival (Nov. 22)
Kaminoki Chiku Center is close to JR Oguchi station. There were exhibition of art and craft works of those who use the center for their projects. There were also workshops and dance/music performances. Food stands and fresh fruit and vegetable sale were very popular, too.

We sold handmade items and imported items as the last time, and we also baked waffles there with Lebkuchen spices. Next to our stand was a chocolate fondu stand, so the sweet smells attracted the passers-by. As it was our first try, we didn't prepare much, so the waffles were sold out before noon.


We would like to show our deep gratitude to the visitors, the HIEC and Kaminoki Chiku Center staff for letting us join the festivals, and our volunteer members.

Thank you!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

[PLAYGROUP] IMCY Chat Cafe Dec.10, 2015

We are going to have the last Chat Cafe in 2015! Come and join us!!

Date&Hours: Thursday, December 10th, 2015, 15:00-16:30
Venue: Fukushia Multipurpose Room, 3F First Place Yokohama 2-7-1 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama

Please sign up by email (to*, please replace * with @) with your name, your child(ren)'s name(s) and age(s), your ward/city, by December 8th
If you have any used items (clothes, toys, books for babies/toddlers/kids) to give away, please bring them. You can also take back others' used items up to three per person. Please bring back your left items to your home at the end of the event.

Our volunteer members will prepare some cakes and cookies and we will ask ¥100/serving as a cost.  

We appreciate book time volunteers, too! Please bring your favorite picture books (in any language). 

This time, a reporter may be joining to interview us, so if you don't wish to appear in the photos, please let us know.

We are looking forward to seeing you. 

IMCY Team.

Friday, November 6, 2015

[EVENT] Cookpad & IMCY Recipe Sharing Party Autumn 2015

ATTENTION: Application to this event was closed. Thanks!

We had a fabulous time at last Cookpad & IMCY cooking party in summer. And we are going to do it again this autumn.

*The image is from the last visit. This time, we will be able to use a larger kitchen!

Date: Monday, November 30th, 2015, 10:00-14:00 (*exact time hasn't fixed yet)
Place: Cookpad Office kitchen (Ebisu, Tokyo)

Theme of cooking: Autumn, kids-friendly or Holiday dishes

What we do:
Participants will prepare some recipes on the theme(s) above and share them at the party. We are going to cook some of the recipes and enjoy them at lunch time together. It would be nice if you could upload and share the recipe on (it's very easy to create an account).

You can come with your children, too! You can bring in your stroller and there is a changing table in the bathroom.

Please apply for this event by sending e-mail to us (*  Please replace * with @)
with your name, your contact, name(s) and age(s) of your child(ren) if you bring them, allergy information, and if possible, a brief description of your recipe.

Please sign up by November 17th. If the number of applications exceeds the limit, we'll choose the participants randomly. The maximum number of participants is around 15 people including children.
Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

[ACTIVITY REPORT] Exchange & Chat Cafe October 28th, 2015!

We had an Exchange & Chat Cafe on October 28th, at Fukushia close to Yokohama station.
At the previous Chat Cafes, moms brought ideas with them for our future.

This time we changed the system a little. We didn’t collect "ideas”, participants just enjoyed chatting with others. Some participants brought used items that they wanted to give away; clothes, toys and so on. And participants was able to take some home.
Homemade cookies made by volunteer members. For these cookies, we asked ¥100/serving as cost. These made delicious snacks for the children.
The event proceeded in a friendly atmosphere. In the middle of the event, we had a book time.

One of the volunteer members kindly read this book to the children.This picture book contained illustrations of colorful animals. The children enjoyed this English-language game.
The book comes with animal magnets. The children search among these for animals related to the animals illustrated in the book.

In the second half of the event, took home used items that they wanted.

Thanks to those who joined the Cafe, we all had a great time!!
We are looking forward to seeing you at the next event!