Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[IMCY] IMCY Rules and Regulations

Since the number of our Facebook members are increasing and to apply for some subsidies, we set up IMCY Rules and Regulations last year.

Here's the latest version:

English (download)

日本語 (download)

There's nothing complicated but very basic rules. Here's some pick-ups (but please try to read through the file above).

-If a member violates the rule(s), her membership will be revoked. The IMCY administrations hold the full right to remove the member from the group if the member did anything illegal or agains the interest of IMCY or if she is considered suspicious.

-As most of members (including administrations) are mothers of young children, IMCY respects that members put priority on their household.

-IMCY makes decisions by discussing among administrations.

-Each member, president and administrations of IMCY will not take any responsibilities regarding the information on the SNS (Facebook) and the blog.

-Members should confirm and judge the accuracy of the information obtained through IMCY.

-Members can post second-hand goods for sale on the SNS or the blog but the negotiation should be done personally.

-IMCY is a citizen's group and political, religious, or commercial activities are strictly prohibited.

-No member will use the name of IMCY for her personal benefit or does any work under the name of IMCY without the permission by the administrations.

-IMCY will not take any responsibility if somebody misuses the name of IMCY or conducts any event under the name without informing the administrations.

-As IMCY exchanges information on the Interent, we pay close attention to one's privacy.

Friday, January 24, 2014

[NEWS] Rubella Epidemic News

Here is an article on 31 babies born with rubella syndrome last year.

The latest report on Rubella infection

The ministry board put up the plan to stop the epidemic by next Tokyo Olympic (2020).

The city of Yokohama extended the support for vaccination until 31st March 2014.
1) Women who wish/plan to have a baby (*you can't take the vaccination if you are already pregnant)
2) The husband/partner of a pregnant woman

¥3000 for MR vaccination
There are 700 clinics/hospitals where you can have the vaccination at this price (with the support by the city). Please consult your doctor or ward office.
*You can't use this system if you have taken the MR or Rubella vaccination more than once.

Source (the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in Japanese):

Friday, January 17, 2014

[IMCY ACTIVITY REPORT] French & Multilingual Playgroup January 2014

We had the second French&Multilingual Playgroup on 11th January. As it was Saturday, some daddies also joined and we had a lot of fun!

We sang "Un Grand Cerf" in French and in German, too!
This song is almost the same as "A Little Cabin in the Woods" in English, but it's not a little man but a big deer who help a rabbit from a hunter.

And then we read the book "Hello Kitty et la galette des rois" (Hello Kitty and the galette of the kings, in French) to see how they celebrate the day in France.

We prepared a brioche des rois instead of a galette so that younger children can taste it.

Inside the brioche, there was a piece of walnut as a fève… Normally, the youngest hide under the table to serve each piece of the cake to everyone, but as the youngest in the group couldn't speak yet, the oldest boy helped us serve the pieces. And a family from India got it and their boy became a king! Congratulations. And he chose another baby girl as a queen. 

Thanks again for coming and see you next time!

*The next IMCY Multilingual Playgroup is FRY 7th February, 13:30-15:00.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

[IMCY ACTIVITY] IMCY Booth at Bazaars in February 2014

IMCY will have its booth at two festivals in Yokohama, in February 2014. Please come visit us!

1) 国際交流フェスティバルin神之木 / International Exchange Festival in Kaminoki

Kaminoki Chiku Center Official website (in Japanese) 

Date: SUN 9th February 2014, 10:00-15:30
Place: Kaminoki Chiku Center (4min walk from JR Yokohama Line Oguchi station)
Admission Free
Overview of the festival: To enjoy world music, dance performances, exhibitions, workshops, bazaar and food stands.

IMCY will sell Gulab Jamuns (India), Date Cake (Morocco), Kinako Macarons and ginger/matcha cookies (Japan & France). We also sell some hand-made items.

Larger Map

2) みんなで子育てフェスタinかながわ2014 / Minna de Kosodate Festa in Kanagawa 2014
 (Let's-Raise-Kids-with-Everyone Festa in Kanagawa 2014)
By the NPO Second League Kanagawa

Official Website (in Japanese)
*You can download the flyer from this page.

Date: SAT 15th February 2014, 11:00-15:30 (workshops and sales until 15:00)
Place: Isogo Kokaido Public Hall (Inside the Isogo ward office, 5min walk from JR Negishi Line Isogo station)
Isogo Kokaido Hall (the website of the city of Yokohama, in Japanese)
Admission Free
Overview of the festival: For parents and caretakers of young children. There will be booths where you can try baby massage, concealing, Hawaiian therapy, color therapy etc… and where you can buy handmade items. In the hall, 1) 11:30-12:15 Classic Music Concert for Families, 2) 12:30-13:15 Lecture on "What daddies can do to make children smile"(in Japanese), and 3) 13:30-15:00 Film "Workers" (in Japanese) (all admission free).

IMCY will sell handmade items (hair accessories, useful items for hoikuen/yochien kids, Hina decorations etc.).

Larger Map

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[IMCY] Deko Maki Sushi Workshop Picked Up by the Media

Our Deko Maki Sushi Workshop hit the headline of Yokohama Keizai Shimbun (a local Internet News Service) in the other day! We would like to express our deep gratitude to the reporter/writer at Yokohama Keizai Shimbun.

*The application to the workshop was already closed now.

*a screenshot from Yokohama Keizai Shimbun web page (retouch applied)

Yokohama Keizai Shimbun Headline (Source)

Yahoo! Japan (the same article referred from Yokohama Keizai Shimbun)
観環居で保育付き「デコ巻き寿司」ワークショップ-ママ同士で国際交流 /神奈川

Monday, January 13, 2014

[ACTIVITY REPORT] IMCY Knitting & Sewing Meeting #1

We held our first IMCY Knitting & Sewing meeting on January 9th at Naka Activity Support Center/International Lounge Meeting Room 2. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss what IMCY would sell at the upcoming bazaars in Isogo and Kaminoki Chiku Center (in Kanagawa Ward) in February. Some of the members brought samples of what we are planning to sell, such as knitted cap and vest, Hina Kazari, kid's apron, small bags, hair accessories, and knitted baby shoes, and showed them to the other members. Then, we formed into two groups, sewing and crochet groups, and worked on our own projects. The sewing group was working on Hina Kazari and the crochet group on small flowers for hair accessories. Most of the members were beginners, but they did a great job.

Hina Kazari
Hair Accessories

Our next meeting will be held on January 23 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm at the same place but a different room (Naka Activity Support Center/International Lounge Meeting Room 1).  We reserved the room from 1:30pm, so those who wish to come early and start working on the projects are welcomed to do so. This meeting is open for any IMCY members. We are looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.