Friday, January 24, 2014

[NEWS] Rubella Epidemic News

Here is an article on 31 babies born with rubella syndrome last year.

The latest report on Rubella infection

The ministry board put up the plan to stop the epidemic by next Tokyo Olympic (2020).

The city of Yokohama extended the support for vaccination until 31st March 2014.
1) Women who wish/plan to have a baby (*you can't take the vaccination if you are already pregnant)
2) The husband/partner of a pregnant woman

¥3000 for MR vaccination
There are 700 clinics/hospitals where you can have the vaccination at this price (with the support by the city). Please consult your doctor or ward office.
*You can't use this system if you have taken the MR or Rubella vaccination more than once.

Source (the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in Japanese):

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