Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[IMCY] IMCY Rules and Regulations

Since the number of our Facebook members are increasing and to apply for some subsidies, we set up IMCY Rules and Regulations last year.

Here's the latest version:

English (download)

日本語 (download)

There's nothing complicated but very basic rules. Here's some pick-ups (but please try to read through the file above).

-If a member violates the rule(s), her membership will be revoked. The IMCY administrations hold the full right to remove the member from the group if the member did anything illegal or agains the interest of IMCY or if she is considered suspicious.

-As most of members (including administrations) are mothers of young children, IMCY respects that members put priority on their household.

-IMCY makes decisions by discussing among administrations.

-Each member, president and administrations of IMCY will not take any responsibilities regarding the information on the SNS (Facebook) and the blog.

-Members should confirm and judge the accuracy of the information obtained through IMCY.

-Members can post second-hand goods for sale on the SNS or the blog but the negotiation should be done personally.

-IMCY is a citizen's group and political, religious, or commercial activities are strictly prohibited.

-No member will use the name of IMCY for her personal benefit or does any work under the name of IMCY without the permission by the administrations.

-IMCY will not take any responsibility if somebody misuses the name of IMCY or conducts any event under the name without informing the administrations.

-As IMCY exchanges information on the Interent, we pay close attention to one's privacy.

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