Friday, February 28, 2014

[HEALTH] PM2.5 Alert Information (by the City of Yokohama)

Not only pollen (that causes hay fever) and Asian Dust, the PM2.5 density increases in this season.

In this page, we can see if the PM2.5 high density alert is announced or not.
「現在、PM2.5高濃度予報等はありません」:Now there is NOT PM2.5 high density alert etc.
*Sorry, we don't know what sentence is used when it's on alert since we haven't seen it yet.

When the alert is on,
1) we should avoid going outside without inevitable reasons
2) we should not do any sports outside for a long time
3) try to minimize the ventilation of the house/room
4) pay attention to those who suffer respiratory diseases, young children and elderly people

The alert will be announced at around 8 o'clock according to the measurement of 5, 6 and 7 o'clock in the morning.

Friday, February 14, 2014

[NOTICE] Child-Care Festa in Isogo Canceled

To our regret, the Child-Care Festa in Isogo on 15th Feb. was canceled due to the bad weather and the troubles of the means of transportation.

We've been preparing for the festival since December and feel really really sorry for this.

Monday, February 10, 2014

[ACTIVITY REPORT] International Festival at Kaminoki, 9th February 2014

We attended the International Festival at Kaminoki, Sunday, 9th Feb.
It snowed so heavily (the heaviest in the past 47 years in Tokyo area!?) the day before, and we still had problem with the means of transportation, especially in the morning. To our regret, many of the groups who were planning to attend this festival canceled and there were only three food booths including us.

There were not so many visitors in the morning, but around noon, more and more people came and we almost sold out our foods. In total, we sold 90 items (gulab jamun, date cake, kinako macaron, decorated cookies, Indian accessories, some other souvenirs from Europe, and hand-made items).

There were many visitors with young children and we were happy to have chance to talk with them (to introduce our activities).

And personally, we enjoyed Russian and Brazilian foods!! Yum yum.

Again, we would like to show our gratitude to those who supported us:
The staff from Kokusai Koryu Jyuku Kanagawa, the staff from Kaminoki chiku center, the customers, and our dear members.

The next festival is on 15th February at Isogo Kokaido Hall. Don't miss it!

[ACTIVITY REPORT] French & Multilingual Playgroup Feburuary 2014

We held the 3rd French & Multilingual Playgroup at Miyazaki Chiiki Care Plaza on 7th Feburuary.

The room where we used for this playgroup was spacious, so the children could play actively with toys like balls and blocks.

This time, we read some books in French, Japanese, and Spanish. All these books were colorful and cute. Besides the pictures, the words were made up in rhythmic tone. The children were really pleased with the colorful pictures and the sounds. Some boys were very excited and we realized again that how attractive picture books were for children.

We had a lot of fun together. Thank you for coming!