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International Mothers Community in Yokohama (IMCY)

インターナショナル マザーズ コミュニティ イン ヨコハマ

It is not easy to live and raise kids in a foreign country, particularly when there are language barriers. There is a growing number of international families in Yokohama, especially non-Japanese speakers, but living information in English or other languages is very limited.

We are a group of mothers who live and raise kids in Yokohama, Japan. This group was found in 2013, mainly to share practical information in English with those who don't speak Japanese.

We are now registered as a citizen's group in Naka ward, Hodogaya ward and Nishi ward (which means political and religious activities are strictly prohibited. )

*Please take the information on this blog on your own responsibility.

-Would like to join the group?
-What kind of activities does IMCY do?
-Volunteers are always welcome to this group
-Our Rules and Regulations

Would like to join the group?

If you have a Facebook account, we have a group page (click the "Facebook" tab for more detail). It is a closed group, so please send a request to the admin. This Facebook group accepts basically only (pre-)mothers living in or around Yokohama, but we also welcome those who needs the information we share: international wives without kids, husbands/partners of existing members, or house husbands etc.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could send message about yourself (where you live and are from, if you have children etc.) to our admin member(s) along with your request to join the group. Requests without message may stay pending or be denied.

For non-Facebook users, we also provide information, mostly on our workshops and events, by e-mail. If you wish to receive the mail, please contact us.

*Joining the Facebook group or the mailing list is not obligatory.

What kind of activities does IMCY do?

-Multilingual Playgroup
 Basically for preschool children. We get together about once a month in Yokohama to let children play and to chat with other mothers/fathers. We usually have story time and participants bring books in their own language(s).

 In term 2013-14, we receive the Nikomachi Subsidy from Nishi ward and have (had) several workshops.
Deco Maki Sushi workshops, Wagashi (Japanese confections) workshops, Tea Ceremony experience, or Baby Massage/ Family Yoga.

 We had some picnics at Rinko Park, visited a strawberry farm, and have had Knitting and Sewing meeting.

 We also join local festivals such as International Festivals, Chiku Center Festivals etc…to advertise our group and activities and earn some money for our activities.


Volunteers are always welcome to this group.

IMCY is run by volunteers, mostly mothers of young children. And new volunteers are always welcome to this group.

What you can do:
1) Posting articles on the blog.
  This usually requires google account and you must be registered as a writer of this blog by the administrator.You can post articles about some fun family events in/around Yokohama, practical information on childcare, useful Japanese or learning tips, photos of sightseeing spots in Yokohama etc... If you don't want to post by yourself, you can just write us and we will post it on your behalf.

2) Translating Japanese news, documents etc. into English or other languages.
  We translate documents in Japanese into English or other languages, for example, some information from the Welfare Bureau of the city of Yokohama. Or we may translate privately, for example, when we are asked to translate what is written on the pancake mix powder package etc. It would be easier if you have a Facebook account and join our group.

3) Support our workshops or meet-ups as staff.
 Admin (volunteer) members organize, prepare or look after children at our workshops.

4) Help our bazaar projects.
 We join local festivals and sell handmade items to make some money for our future activities. We prepare the items and sell them by ourselves at the stand.

5) You can propose new ideas!

If you are interested, please contact us by mail. 








Our Rules and Regulations

Please read through our rules and regulations.
You can find a brief description and download the English version and Japanese version in this article.
[IMCY] IMCY Rules and Regulations 

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