Thursday, June 27, 2013

[Leisure] Tujidou Kaihin Park

These photos are from their website.
This park is located beside Shonan Sea. You can enjoy not only picnicking in the open space with grass, but there are amusement facilities such as Jumbo Pool, Traffic Park, Traffic Museum, etc.                                             

Jumbo Pool 
There are 6 type of pool including kids pool. (toilet training should be completed)
Dates: From Saturday,13th July,2013 to Sunday,8th September,2013 
9:00 to 18:00(entrance until 17:00)
Charges:800yen( high school students and above)
500yen(junior high students)
200yen(child under elementary school)

Traffic Park 
We can enjoy learning traffic rules or how to ride cycles with riding go-carts, various type of cycles, sky-cycle.
Hours:9:00 to 17:00(riding until 16:00/ except for lunch time of weekdays)
Closed:Monday (Tuesday, if national holiday is on monday),Days following national holidays & on New year.
Charges:cycles and go-carts(free)
sky-cycle(200yen for adults,100yen for children)

Traffic Museum 
Children can leran about vehicls (such as train, airplane, ship) through the exhibits and model diorama.
Hours:9:00 to 17:00(entrance until 16:00)
Closed:Monday (Tuesday, if national holiday is on monday),Days following national holidays & on New year.
Admission:300yen(over 20 years old (except students))
200yen(under 20 years old and students)
High school students or younger and those over the age of 65 are free.
Address:3-2 Tujidou nishi kaigan, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa 
Access:From JR Yokohama Station , Take JR Tokaidou Line to Tujidou Station(about 25-minute ride),and take city bus(No. 辻03) from No.2 bus stop of JR Tujidou Station South Exit(about 10-minute bus ride) and get off at Tujidou Kaihin Kouen Iriguchi bus stop.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

[YWEC] Yokohama Weekend English Club July Meeting

Yokohama Weekend English Club (YWEC) is a playgroup for young kids about 0-5 years old.

Here is the detail of the next meeting:

Date: Sunday, 7th July, 2013, 10:00-12:00
Place: Near JR Kannai Station (the address will be informed in person)
-Warm-up (songs with dance/finger play)
-Learn about "Shapes"
-Craft time: Let's make Tanabata (Star Festival) decoration
 (please bring origami, scissors, glue, scotch tape and thread etc.)
-Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
-Book Time
-Parents' Time discussion theme: Summer vacation plans

(Program may change)

Charge: Split the room charge by the number of attended families (usually less than 500 yen)

*Daddies are welcomed, too.

If you are interested in joining the meeting, please contact:
find the group on Facebook

Monday, June 24, 2013

[MOM'S CHAT] June Meeting


MOM'S CHAT is an English playgroup take place every month in Hongodai, Yokohama.

Here is the information of the May meeting.

Date:Thursday, 27th June, 2013
Nursing Room (1F) of Earth Plaza @ Hongodai Sta.

1. Kid's time ; sing, dance, or read with kids in English (from English instractor)
2. Learning time; learn some English phrases that you can use in your daily life with kids (from English instractor)
3. Free talk time; let's talk in English
*the theme; What do you do with your kids during rainy season? Where do you prefer to visit with your kids when it's rainy.
4. Craft time; let's learn how to make balloon crafts (materials are provided by staffs)

We split the bill of the room and materials we use, so it depends how many moms can join. (Usually 200-300 yen per person. Less than 500 yen)

You can have lunch after the gathering at the nursing room until 13:00 if you want.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

[TRANSPORT] Yokohama Municipal Bus, Change in Stops at Yokohama East Exit

Yokohama Municipal Bus(横浜市営バス)announced some changes of bus stops at Yokohama Station East Exit Terminal (in Sogo), which starts from 1st of July, 2013.

The bus route numbers involved in this change are: 9, 48, 86, 89, and 270.

Please check the website below. Although it's in Japanese, you can see the tables and numbers on the right bottom (from left to right, bus route number, the number of the stop before July, the number of the stop after July) .

Opens to the website of Yokohama Municipal Bus

[UPLOAD] Useful Japanese Phrases at Hairdresser's

A new file uploaded on the page "Documents".

In the file, some Japanese words and phrases used in the hairdresser's are listed up. We may add some more later. And we are also making a list of hairdressers (English speaking, child hair cut, babysitting service etc...) in Yokohama.

If you have any information to add, please write us.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[HEALTH]Cervical Cancer (HPV) Vaccination Side Effect Problem

Cervical Cancer (HPV) vaccination has been a regular vaccination for girls of 12-16 years old in Japan. However, severe side effect cases have been reported and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced that they don't strongly recommend the vaccination right now. They're under the research on the relation between the vaccination and the effects.

You can still take the vaccination subject to your understanding of the risks and profits of the vaccine.

Announcement PDF in Japanese (through Yokohama City Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

 Here is the overview of the announcement. We skip the explanation about the Cervical cancer and its vaccine.

The risks of the vaccination.
Major side reactions:
<Cervarix> (over 50%)pain after injection, reddening, swelling, fatigue,  (10-50%) itchiness, stomachache, sore muscle, joint pain, headache, (1-10%) nettle rash, dizziness, fever, (less than 1%) sensory disorder around the injection area, numbness, lassitude, (frequency unknown) pain around arms and legs, faint, lymph node inflammation

<Gardasil> (over 50%) pain after injection, (10-50%) swelling after injection, red spots, (1-10%) itchiness, bleeding, headache, pain, fever, (less than 1%) induration, pain around arms and legs, stiffened muscle, stomachache, diarrhea, (frequency unknown) fatigue, ennui, faint, sore muscle, joint pain, vomit

There rarely are severe side reaction.
Specialists are gathering information and under the research. The relation is still unclear, but there have been reports of  continuous pain after the vaccination.
-Anaphylaxis (1/960,000*)
-Guillain-Barre syndrome (1/4,300,000*)
-ADEM (1/4,300,000*)
*These contain the cases which don't seem to be related to the vaccine.

Caution after the vaccination:
-Please consult your doctor as soon as you find any reaction. You are recommended to remain seated or stay still for about 30 minutes after the vaccination. On that day, avoid hard exercises, taking a bath, keep the injected area clean and pay attention to your condition.
-In case you need medical treatment for the side reaction, please contact the department of vaccination in your local ward office. There may be some help by the government depending on your condition.

And even if you have had the vaccination, it is important to take cervical cancer check up regularly after you turn 20 years old.

Friday, June 14, 2013

[LIFE]Basic Residence Registration Network System starts for Foreign Residents

Basic Residence Registration Network System (住民基本台帳制度 Jyumin Kihon Daicho Seido/ in short 住基ネット Jyuki Net)starts for foreign residents in Japan from 8th July, 2013.

You don't really have to do anything about this system, but your number will be sent to your post around that date so please check out.

If you would like the Basic Residence Registration Card, you are supposed to ask at the counter of your local ward office after 8th July.

Please read the following PDF provided by the government for more detail.

Source (in English):

Monday, June 10, 2013

[IMCY] About Becoming a Member on Facebook

As you can see on this blog tabs, we have a Facebook group. We decided, in our last meeting, that the member should be mothers of young children, experienced mothers, and pre-mothers who live in or around the City of Yokohama.

We always welcome new members but we are also careful about spams. When we receive a request from new person, it may sound rude but we check her profile to see if she lives in/around Yokohama or if she is a (pre-)mother. If we cannot be sure about them, the request stays pending. So if you send a request and have no answer, please write us about yourself. And it would be appreciated if you write us when you send a request. Thank you for your cooperation.

Of course, this blog is always open for everyone.

Friday, June 7, 2013

[LIFE] Air Conditioning Remotes

It is getting hotter in Yokohama, so I’m going to write about“air conditioning remotes”.
If your air conditioning is like a picture below (the arrow is pointing to “暖房”),it’s in heater mode. When you want to use cooling, push the “冷房” button and fix the temperature. “運転切換” button can also swich operation modes.

入(運転)/切(停止)=turn onstart/turn off (stop)
運転切換=switching operation modes


Thursday, June 6, 2013

[MEETING] Our Second Meeting on Friday 21st June

We are going to have the second meeting.

Date:Friday 21st June, 2013, 10:30-12:00
You can come and leave anytime.
Place: Naka Shimin Katsudou Center (Naka Citizens Activity Support Center, next to Naka ward office).

View Larger Map

We reserved a meeting space (tables and chairs) and kids' space so that young children can play while we talk. Please come and join us!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[WORKSHOP]Family Pottery Workshop in Summer Vacation, Honmoku

Summer Vacation Family Pottery Workshop

Place: Yokohama-shi Togei Center (Yokohama City Pottery Center)
Inside Honmoku Shimin Koen Park (next to Sankei-en Japanese garden)

Larger Map

Fee:3,500 yen for an adult and a child, 5,000 yen for an adult and two children
Children of elementary school and up can join this class.
Max Class Size:10 groups (20 people) for each class
Registration:15 June-25 June
Registration available at the counter, telephone, FAX or a correspondence card
TEL:045-623-8904, FAX:045-625-9087
Schedule: July 20,21,22,23,24,26,27,28,29,30, August 1,2,3,4
Morning class: 10:00-12:30, Afternoon class:13:30-16:00

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[CULTURE]Japanese Danse Summer Workshop for Kids (8~12 y-old)

There will be a summer workshop for kids to learn Japanese Danse(日本舞踊 Nihon buyo) during the summer break. The instructor is a professional. Schedule:24th-27th July, 2013 (for four days) (1) 10:30-12:30, (2) 13:30-15:30
Place: Yokohamashi Iwama Shimin Plaza 3F Japanese room (2min on foot from Sotetsu Line Tennocho station)
Google Map
Target: 3-6 graders at elementary school(8-12 year-old) ,the first 10 kids in each group (1) and (2).
Fee:5000 yen
Apply to: TEL 045-337-0011/FAX 045-337-2500

You can see the photos from the last year's workshop in their blog.
You will need:
-Yukata for the child(if you don't have, they can lend)
-Furoshiki (a big sheet of cloth)
-Two belts for yukata
-Obi belt
-Tabi (socks for kimono)
If you are interested, please feel free to ask for more information.

[EVENT] Food Education by Yokohama Vegetables at Happy Lawson, 15th June, 2013

There will be a "Food Education" event at Happy Lawson Yamashita Park store.
Date: Saturday, 15th June, 2013, 10:00-13:00
Place: Happy Lawson Yamashita Park Store
No reservation required.

-Vegetable Market by Yokohama Vegefru Lady from 10:00~.
-Food Education booth by Naka ward Health Mates. Free vegetable cookies for 60 people from 12:00~.
-Herb potpourri workshop by Yokoham Vegefru Lady for first 10 people.
-Vegetable Coloring Paper for kids
-Chopstick painting workshop from 10:00-13:00 at ¥1260.
-How to hold chopsticks workshop from 11:00~ and 12:00~.

Source (Happy Lawson website in Japanese)

[EVENT]ASC Link Island (Childcare) at Red Brick Warehouse, 16th June, 2013

Date: Sunday 16th June, 2013
Place:Red Brick Warehouse Square

ASC by Japan Nursery Service will have a festival for parents of young children named Link Island. They already have one in Tokyo and this time in Yokohama.

There will be several booths of companies of food delivery, insurance, Water supply etc. There will be a play yard for kids, English workshop, gymnastic workshop, used clothes exchange (you can just bring yours and leave them with your message and memory and bring back others' in exchange), "toy hospital" to get your broken toys repaired, Mini-candle workshop etc...
The tickets for the workshops will be available at the spot from 10:00~.

Source(in Japanese)

[WELFARE] Child Allowance "Genjo-todoke (Present Condition Form)"

Child Allowance Present Condition Form (Genkyo-todoke現況届) in an yellow envelop arrived on the first of June.
About Child Allowance(児童手当 jido-teate), it is very well explained in English on the website of KIC, so please read it to understand what Child Allowance is. Click here (opens a new window).

This "Present Condition" must be declared every year in June to continue receiving the allowance mainly because the amount of the allowance is decided according to your income (which should be changed from time to time).

In the envelop there are:

1) The announcement of the Present Condition Form in 2013 (a green sheet)
2) The Present Condition Form
3) Guidance (how to fill the form)
4) Announcement of a misprint (a little piece)
5) A pale yellow envelop to return

What You Are Supposed to Submit

-The Present Condition Form -A photocopy of the Health Insurance Card/Social Security Pension Certification -Income Certification (For those who moved into Yokohama after 2nd January 2013 must prepare the income certification issued by the local government)
*If there is another document to turn in, the department of children and youth will contact you later.

When and Where You Submit Them

Deadline: Sunday 30th June, 2013
1)By Mail (please use the envelop enclosed and don't forget the postal stamp, 80 yen if less than 25g)
2)Hand it at the Counter in your local ward office (Children and Families Support Section)

Those above are written on the green paper (surface). On the back of the green paper, the income investigation of the spouse, the amount of the allowance, and the income limitation system are explained.

How to fill the form is explained in another page.

About Child Allowance Present Condition Form (opens a new window).