Thursday, December 6, 2018

[EVENT] Christmas Events in Yokohama 2018


Motomachi Twinkle Christmas 2018
Green Charity Santa Claus
(you can donate some money and take a picture with the Green Santa)
December 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th at Motomachi 1-chome Plaza
11:30-12:30, 13:30-14:30, 15:00-16:00, 16:30-17:30

Double-Decker tour ride and exhibition
December 21st (FRY)-25th (TUE)
Tickets available for those who have a receipt of the particular shops in Motomachi Shopping Street (purchased in Christmas time) (max 59 people at a time)
ATTENTION! This year they do a tour departing from Motomachi and arriving at Motomachi. And you must show your receipt of your purchase there to get the tickets.

Check their SNS for more details

Motopachi photo shoot
December 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th

Red Brick Warehouse (Akarenga) Christmas Market 2018

Meet Santa Claus
December 14th, 18th, 20th, 21st
(time and place unknown, presents are only for kids 12 and under)

World Porters Christmas 2018

Greeting Santa Claus
December 23rd-25th
1F 11:00-, 13:00-
5F 11:20-, 13:20-

Photo with Santa
12:00-, 15:00-
2F Kishamichi main gate
tickets available on the spot 60 minutes before each time, first 20 groups

And many more events...

Landmark Christmas 2018

Artificial snowing
December 8th, 15th, 22nd, 23rd and 24th  17:00-, 18:30-
9th, 16th and 25th 17:00-

Yokohama Bay Quarter Winter Party

Snow time (around the Christmas tree)
22nd 13:30-13:50, 15:30-15:40, 17:30-17:40

Outdoor Movie Show (17:00-) opens at 15:00 at 3F Main Square
15th: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (in Japanese)
16th: You've Got Mail (in English with Japanese s

Toysrus Meet Santa

11:30-12:00, 13:00-13:30, 15:00-15:30, 16:00-16:30, 17:00-17:30
Check out the date of his visit at your local store:

9th: Tama, Odawara, Sagamihara, Atsugi etc..
15th: Yokohama Izumi, Yokosuka etc...
16th: Hadano, Hiratsuka etc...

*Sorry!! Minatomirai store already finished it.

Friday, November 23, 2018

[IMCY ACTIVITY REPORT] IMCY Cooking Party Autumn 2018

It was a Facebook-member-only event but we got together to make some lovely deco-mochi (decorative rice cake) at Furocho Chiiki Care Plaza on November 3rd.

We tried the rose design.

Some kids tried making it with their parents. It was not very easy but a lot of fun especially when we slice it and find the design. 

[IMCY ACTIVITY REPORT] Hodogaya International Festa 2018

We had a booth at Hodogaya International Festa 2018 and a lot of people visited our booth!! 
Many kids enjoyed our bi-color bath bomb workshop, too. Our member sold her beautiful craft projects, which were perfect for a Christmas gift. 

Thank you very much for visiting us and see you again next year!!

Friday, November 2, 2018

[EVENT] Hodogaya International Festa 2018

IMCY team will attend Hodogaya International Festa 2018.

Date: November 18th (SUN) 10:00-15:15 (Our stand starts at 11:00)
Venue: Iwama Shimin Plaza (We'll be on the 4th floor)

We are going to sell some handmade items, imported items etc. This year, we'll have bi-color bath bomb workshop (¥100 /person), too!

Come and join us! There's a lot more fun at the festival, too!

 For more information:

Thursday, October 11, 2018

[EVENT] Halloween in Yokohama and Around 2018


Yokohama Yamate Halloween Walk 2018
28th (SUN) 10:00-16:00
Halloween Stamp trail and costume contest etc.

Royal Wing DJ Halloween Cruise
27th, 28th and 31st
Dinner cruise 19:30-21:20
Adult 8500/person
Elementary schooler: 4000 yen, preschooler: 2000 yen
(boarding ticket, buffet and welcome drink included)

Motomachi Halloween 2018

28th Dog Halloween(first 50 groups)

31st Kids Halloween  16:00-


Minatomirai Takarajima (Treasure Island) Halloween
Stamp Rally 11:00-17:00 (no stamps given after 16:00)

Mitsubishi Minatomirai Museum
27th, 28th, 29th and 31st admission free if you are in Halloween costumes

World Porters Halloween 2018
October 27th (SAT)
Costume Parade with Sylvanian Families
Sylvanian Families Kids Show

For more details check the website after mid-October.

Halloween Rally
Trick or Treating (costumed, under 12 y-olds only)

Around Yokohama Station

Yokohama Bay Quarter Black Cat Halloween

Kids Halloween Parade

October 20th (SAT)
Come and join the Halloween party in black cat costume on the 4F Kids Station.

Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center 

Bosai Halloween
From 16th to 31st 9:30-17:00 Quiz rally and plastic bag dress contest
*Closed on Mondays
20th (SAT)13:30-14:30  Firefighter marching band Halloween Concertチラシ表面.pdf

Kawasaki Halloween 2018

October 27th
-Halloween Kids Parade (registration required, ¥500)

October 28th
-Halloween Parade (ticket required ¥1000, 2500 people, elementary school and up, 14:30-15:45)
and more!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

[ACTIVITY REPORT] Visit to Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center #1

We visited Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center near Yokohama station with other families including little kids. The standard tour takes about an hour and it started with a movie in the Disaster Education Theater. We were a bit worried about this part but there were only us in the theater at that time and the children were rather calm. The movie came with English subtitles, too.  

Then we moved to the Earthquake Simulator. Moms have to hold a young one in the arms and also hold the safety bar, so it was harder!!! We experienced from level 4 to 7. We still felt shaking after getting off the machine. 

We went up to the second floor to learn how to use the fire extinguisher, then how to escape in the smoke (Fire Simulator). In the end, we entered the Disaster Mitigation Training Room to learn what to do in case of earthquake and rainstorm. 

Japan recently had a big earthquake in Osaka and rainstorm/flood in West Japan. We learned it is important that each family (especially with young children) prepare for disaster. 

We are planning to visit there again. It will be posted on our FB group so please keep an eye on it!

*For the tour, you can make a reservation beforehand. It seems to be possible to join the tour on the spot if there's a room (but reservation is recommended!). The staff on the day didn't speak much English but he tried to speak slowly in Japanese. The booklet they gave us is bilingual (Japanese/English).

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

[LIVING TIPS] How to Call the Ambulance

Hodogaya International Mothers Gathering "Piccolo" held a workshop to learn Child First Aid on June 12th, 2018.  They hold this every year around this time, inviting local fire bureau officers, to learn how to use the AED and how to do the CPR.

When your family member or someone in the street collapses, first thing you do is to see if the person is conscious or not. If not, then you check s/he is breathing or not. If not, you call for an ambulance and start the CPR, and use the AED if necessary.

However, if you don't speak much Japanese, you may not be able to understand what the person on the emergency phone is asking or to tell him/her the situation. 

For more information about the emergency call system etc., you can read the guide for ambulance services by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency.  

So, here are some basic questions/answers in Japanese you may need to remember when you call an ambulance. 

The emergency number in Japan is 119. 

Then you will be asked if it's a fire or medical emergency.
Officer: 火事ですか、救急ですか?Kaji desuka? Kyukyu desuka?
You: 火事です。Kaji desu.(There is a fire.)  or  救急です。Kyukyu desu. (It's a medical emergency).

Remember your Jyusyo (address) in Japanese.

Officer: どこですか?Doko desuka? (Where is it?)  
住所を教えてください。Jyusyo wo oshiete kudasai. (Please give me your address.)

You: (when you are at home) 住所は横浜市XXXX区XXX123です。Jyusyo ha Yokohama shi, XXXX -ku, XXX 123 desu. (My address is ...). 
In case you are somewhere else and you don't know the exact address, you can give them some landmarks around you. 
XXの近くにいます。XX no chikaku ni imasu. (I am near XX.)

*ATTENTION: In Japanese, we start from the prefecture or the city and end with the street/land number etc. Prefecture=県Ken Ward= 区Ku, City=市Shi, Town=町Cho/Machi

Explain what has happened.

Officer: どうしましたか?Dou shimashita ka? (What has happened?)
(My husband is unconscious.)
私の夫の意識がありません。Watashi no otto no ishiki ga arimasen.
(My child is choked with something.)
私の子供が何かのどにつまらせました。Watashi no kodomo ga nanika nodo ni tsumarasemashita.
(XX is not breathing.)
XXは息をしていません。XX ha iki wo shite imasen.
(XX has gone into spasm.)
XXはけいれんしています。XX ha keiren shite imasu.
(XX is injured.)
XXはけがをしました。ZZ ha kega wo shimashita.

Give your name and number.

Officer: あなたの名前を教えてください。Anata no o namae wo oshiete kudasai. (Please give me your name.) 
You: 私の名前はXXXです。Watashi no namae ha XXX desu. (My name is XXX.)

Officer: 電話番号を教えてください。Den bangou wo oshiete kudasai. (Please give me your phone number.)