Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[ACTIVITY REPORT] Exchange & Chat Cafe July 1st&20th, 2015

Following from June, we had Exchange & Chat Cafe twice in July!

Although July 1 was a gloomy rainy day, about 10 families turned up for the event. In the play area, the children enjoyed themselves playing with the volunteer staff.
Some moms brought us a homemade cake, and it was a day where many moms were able to enjoy leisurely chats.

July 20 was a public holiday, and about 15 families turned up for the event.
As it was a public holiday, there were also some dads and working moms.
At the play area, we could see the children having fun.

Many moms brought ideas with them for our next activities and made suggestions about what kind of information is necessary for international moms in Yokohama/Japan. Ideas closely linked to daily life, such as things that need to be prepared at home in case of disasters like earthquakes, and comparison of food delivery services, were also shared.These ideas will be put together and we will decide new events.

Then, we enjoyed "Exchange" late in the event.

*About detail of "Exchange" please read this post.

Thanks for those who joined the Cafe. We had a great time!!
Next event will be in September. Have a great summer vacation!

[EVENT] "African savanna"area new opend in Yokohama Zoorasia(ZOORASIA YOKOHAMA ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS).

"Problem-solving game” will be held in ZOORASIA, untill August 31.
Then, during the summer,ZOORASIA be open late into the night.

Night ZOO will be open:
1(sat), 2(sun), 8(sat), 9(sun), 14(fri), 15(sat), 16(sun), 22(sat), 23(sun), 29(sat), 30(sun) in August.
The park opens at 9:30 a.m to 20:30 p.m.
(No entrance after 19 p.m.)

A portion of the information is available on the English website




[EVENT] Summer Vacation Quiz & Stamp Rally: Let's explore 4 museums

From July 18 (Saturday) to September 30 (Wednesday), a "Summer Vacation Ikuta Ryokuchi Stamp Rally" will be held in Ikuta Ryokuchi, Kawasaki.
Everyone who visits the 4 museums in the area and collects two stamps can get a memento gift.
Ikuta Ryokuchi is a large natural park that also has a Fujiko·F·Fujio museum (Doraemon museum that children love) and a planetarium. Why not go there during summer vacation?

A portion of the information is available on the English website.




Wednesday, July 8, 2015

[LESSONS] Tadaku Cooking Classes

We would like to introduce Tadaku, a website for cooking classes, for cooking lovers.
They're looking for new instructors and students.

Here's a message from the Tadaku organizer:

At Tadaku, we organize cooking classes by foreigners living in Japan. Every teacher teaches his/her country's cuisine at home. It's not a formal cooking class, like ABC cooking, but a casual and relaxed cooking lesson, very similar to a home cooking party.

Tadaku is not just about food, but about cultural exchange through cooking. Students are people who are eager to learn other cultures and big foodies. There's nothing more gratifying than teaching the gastronomy and culture of your region to so interested people.

Tadaku classes are very popular among foreign mums living in Japan, because there are no requirements regarding the number of classes per month. You can host them when your child caring duties allow and you feel like it. Tadaku classes are also a great way of making new Japanese friends, which is usually a problem for mums who have recently arrived to Japan and don't speak Japanese.

For more detail, visit their site at: