Associations for international residents / Living Guides

Yoke (Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges)

Assistance for non-Japanese citizens in several languages.

Kanagawa Community Network Site

A lot of useful information for Kanagawa residents in several languages.

Multilingual Medical Questionnaire

Language classes and supplementary classes information

Provided by Kanagawa International Foundation (KIF)

Living Guide by Council of Local Authorities for International Relations

財団法人 自治体国際化協会「他言語生活情報」

Website of Kobe International Center for Cooperation and Communication

公益財団法人 神戸国際協力交流センター
Studying Japanese
Living Guide
*Please note that some information is valid only for the city of Kobe, for example recycling and garbage issues, social services etc...


Pregnancy and Baby issue

To women who will give birth in Japan.

A website by a midwife, Ms.Tsuruga in Kobe.


Other Helpful Organization/Sites/ Blogs

Japan Relocation Specialist: Relo Japan
Relo Japan has the local knowledge to make any relocation to Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, or Kobe a smooth and memorable experience

Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese)
The unconventional how-to guide for living in Japan

Helpline for Foreigners (Yorisoi Hotline)
Toll free. Please check available days and hours of each language.

MIC Kanagawa (Multi-language Information Center)
To get an interpreter for your hospital visit(*), or your visit to public facilities.
*They can send interpreters to hospitals under contract but they can't accept the request directly from the patient.

WaNavi Japan

An NPO that provides workshops on Earthquake preparedness and Japanese culture.


International Groups in other areas


A multilingual playgroup in Kyoto

Nagoya Foreign Mothers Group

A very informative site on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting in Japan (Nagoya).


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