Sunday, August 25, 2013

[REGULAR EVENT] The Bank of Yokohama Presents Kodomo Mirai Music Program

The Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall and The Bank of Yokohama provide a music program for young children every year to let them experience the real music.

The next concert is on 4th September "Organ Concert from 0 year old".
11:00~/14:00~, ¥400 for under 12 years old and ¥600 for junior high school and up.

Ticket: 045-682-2000 Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall Ticket Center

The Bank of Yokohama Presents Kodomo Mirai Music Program (website of Minato Mirai Hall)
(in Japanese)

The Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall English Page Top

In addition, they have babysitting service. Please read the detail on the website of the Minato Mirai Hall.

[Event] Hodogaya Candle night

Date:Saturday,31th August,2013 15:00-20:30
※canceled due to bad weather

Place:Hodogaya Park(around the plum garden)  保土ヶ谷公園梅園周辺
    横浜市保土ケ谷区花見台4-2  MAP≫

Pictures from Hodogaya Candle night Official Facebook

Stage event:
15:00-18:30 Dj time
18:30-18:50 Tsugaru-jamisen, Shinobue(Japanese bamboo flute) & Fire Dance
18:50-19:30 Dj time
19:30-20:00 Tsugaru-jamisen, Japanese drum, guitar,base,drum & Fire Dance

Original Light Workshop:
15:00-@ the side of head office(tent) 
fee :1000yen 
※Limited to 200 
※Lights can be brought home.

Hodogaya Candle night Official Website(Japanese)

@How to get there@
The nearest bus stop is '保土ケ谷野球場前 hodogaya yakyujyo mae',
★From JR Hodogaya Station (10 min/\210) West Exit, Bus Stop #1,25 route, bound for 横浜駅西口Yokohama Station (West Exit) or 保土ケ谷駅(循環)Hodogaya Station Circular
★From Yokohama Station West Exit (30 min/\210) , Bus Stop #14 ,25 route, bound for 保土ケ谷駅西口Hodogaya Station(West Exit)
★From Sotetsu Hoshikawa Station (7 min/\210),25 route, bound for 保土ケ谷駅西口Hodogaya Station(West Exit)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[LEISURE] Fruit Gathering on Farm "Iwasaki Kaju En"in Yokohama

There are farms in Yokohama where we can enjoy picking fruits. We already introduced some blueberry farms (please read the older post), and this time we'll introduce another farm in Totsuka along with our own experience.

Iwasaki Kaju En website top
戸塚区平戸町5418 (5418 Hirato-cho, Totsuka-ku)

View the Larger Map

@How to get there@
The nearest bus stop is '坂下口 sakashita guchi',
From JR/Subway Totsuka Station (15-20 min/¥210) : East Exit, Bus Stop #6,  戸38 Hodogaya Station (East Exit)
Bus Stop #7 横43 Yokohama Station (East Exit), 横44 Yokohama Station (East Exit)

From JR Higashi-Totsuka Station (10min/¥210): East Exit, Bus Stop #4, 横17 Yokohama Station (West Exit), 東01 Idogaya Shimocho (井土ケ谷下町), 東03 Hirado Danchi (平戸団地),  東08 Yokohama Park Town

From JR Hodogaya Station (20-25min/¥210) East Exit, Bus Stop #1 戸38 Totsuka Station (East Exit), Bus Stop #2  77 Serigaya (芹が谷)

From Yokohama Station West Exit (40 min/¥210) , Bus Stop #23 横17 Higashi-Totsuka Station (East Exit)

From Yokohama Station East Exit (38 min/¥210), Bus Stop #9 横43, 44 Tostuka Station (East Exit) , #11  77 Serigaya

Around the bus stop. (Route 1) Turn right.

This panel says "A Farming Area in Hirado"
Pear, Chestnut, Peach, Grape, Kaki and Ume (Plum).
There are 8 farms, but not all of them do fruit picking, but sell their fresh fruits at the gates.
Another panel "Hirado Fruit Village"
(an official panel by the city of Yokohama)

Go up the small road and we find Iwasaki Kaju En.
(The third farm).

The entrance is on the right, continue going up the hill.

Then we found the staff of the farm. We asked the picking of fruits (nashi and grape).
A 'welcome fruit' :-) There were some tables where we can enjoy the fruits.

We got a basket and went to the field with one of the staff.
Nashi (Japanese pear) field.

Pears are very big! And look, two cast-off skins of cicada!

Nashi was ¥600/kg (the price may change a little)

Grape field.

Grape was ¥1,300 yen/kg (the price may change)

When we finished gathering, we went back, got the fruits measured, and paid.

@What fruit we can gather on this farm?@

Budo (Grape): 10 August - 31 August
Nashi (Pear): 20 July - 20 September
Kaki: 10 October - 31 November
Mikan (Tangerine): 1 November - 15 December

@What is the open hours?@

Basically no closed days.
Lunch break from 12:00 to 14:00 (please avoid these hours)


*In the end, we would like to show our gratitude to the farm owner who kindly accepted our writing about the farm on this blog.

Some knowledge about Yokohama Fruits.
Yokohama has 'yokohama brand' fruits which is called 'Hama ~'. Most of these fruits are not available at retail stores but at JA, temporary outdoor markets or on the farms.

Hama Nashi (浜なし, Japanese pear) is one of the most popular fruits from Yokohama. There are also Hama Budo (浜ぶどう, grape) and Hama Gaki (浜がき, kaki).

Here is the link to the website of Yokohama city explaining about Hama Nashi(in Japanese)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

[EVENT] Yokohama Sparkling Twilight 7-8 September, 2013

The end-of-summer event Yokohama Sparkling Twilight 2013
-Fireworks, Gourmet and friend with the sea and the port-

Date: 7 and 8th September. 2013, 11:00-20:30
Place: Yamashita Koen Park (and around)

Source: Official Website (Japanese)

Eight Special Events!

1) Sparkling Fireworks (on both nights 19:00-)
On 7th night, exciting fireworks with red and orange colors. On 8th night, romantic fireworks with white and silver colors.
*The schedule may change.

2) Lives at Stone Stage
Just like the parade (described later), there will be Asian music and dance such as Thai Dance. There will also a fanfare band performance as a collaboration with a big music event "Yokohama Oto Matsuri" festival which starts from 20th September.

3) Jewelry Port
Illuminated ships just look like jewelries in the sea. On both days, from 18:00- and 19:30-. Must watch the collaboration with the fireworks!

4) Sparkling Performances on the sea
Performances by the ships working in the port of Yokohama on 7th, and sea kayaks and power boats on 8th, 13:00-.

5) Seaside Restaurant and Bar
There will be food stands in the Yamashita Koen park. You can also enjoy sparkling wine and cocktail at night.
11:00-20:30 (Last Order by 20:00)

6) Family Corner
Flight performances (only on 7th), rescue demonstration, quiz rally and a bounce house for kids.

7) Sparkling Parade on the Yamashita Koen Street
"A Bond with Asia by Yokohama Port", a parade of Asian countries: China, South Korea, the Philippines, India and Indonesia etc... with Japanese matsuri groups.

8) Yokohama Bay Cap
Yacht race in front of Yamashita Koen park.
On 7th, 14:00~

*Events may be canceled or changed by the bad weather and other reasons.

Monday, August 19, 2013

[EVENT] Upcoming Gatherings for International Families September 2013~

Here are the schedules for upcoming International family events in Yokohama.

For more details on each gathering, please see the older post.

1) Hodogaya International Mothers Gathering (Hodogaya)
3 and 17 Sep,, 1 and 15 Oct., 12 and 19 Nov., 3 and 17 Dec., 2013
14 and 21 Jan., 4 and 18 Feb., 4 and 18 Mar., 2014

2) Smile Port International Moms and Dads gathering (Minatomirai)

3) Multi-Cultural Family Gathering at Konan International Lounge
9 Sep., 11 Nov., 9 Dec., 2013
10 Feb., 10 Mar., 2014

4) Shabering International Exchange at Haguhagu no Ki (Minami-ku)
3 Sep (Tue), 5 Oct (Sat), 5 Nov (Tue), 7 Dec (Sat) 2013
7 Jan (Tue), 1 Feb (Sat), 4 Mar (Tue) 2014

5) International Mothers Gathering Aiai at Isopiyo (Isogo)

6) Nakama Talk International Exchange at Kanachie (Kanagawa-ward)
5 Sep.

Tsurumi Kangaroo Salon (detail in the older post)
30 Sep., 7 and 21 Oct., 11 and 25 Nov., 9 Dec., 2013
*Application required.

Friday, August 16, 2013

[EVENT] Myanmar Home Cooking Class (ONE DAY) at Kandaiji Chiku Center 12 Sep. 2013

Kandaiji Chiku Cener holds "World-Traveling Cooking Class"since last year and will have another three classes this year.

The first class is "Myanmar Home Cooking"

Date: Thursday, 12th September, 2013, 10;00-13:00

Place: Kitchen at Kandaiji Chiku Center, Kanagawa-ku
〒221-0801 神奈川区神大寺2-28-18 (2-28-18 Kandaiji, Kanagawa-ku)

Larger Image

Charge: 1200 Yen

Application (11 Aug-8 Sep): Basically by telephone or at the counter of the center
TEL: 045-491-4441

16 people at max, babysitting available up to 5 kids (require reservation, 500yen/child).
The instructor (a couple from Myanmar) speak English.

Source: Yokohama Calendar by the city of Yokohama (in Japanese)

[IMCY Activity Report] Yukata & Saree trial event at Kokkoro (Hodogaya child-care support center)

The very first event of IMCY, “Yukata & Saree trial event at Kokkoro” was successfully completed thanks to many people.

Foreign moms chose their favorite combination of Yukata and obi belt and enjoyed wearing Yukatas. Japanese moms also had a precious experience to drape Sarees which look very gorgeous. Unexpectedly, kids also enjoyed yukatas and they didn't even want to take them off ! We wondered why many babies cried seeing their mom changing, but mothers somehow enjoyed the traditional costumes.

We had a really fun time through this cross-cultural event.
Thank you very much !!! See you soon !

Thursday, August 8, 2013

[USEFUL INFO] When a Parcel Arrived While You Were Not Home: JAPAN POST Online Service

In most cases where you receive a parcel from overseas, it's the Japan Post who delivers it at your door in Japan. However, if you are not home, the postman leaves a piece of paper which is called 不在表(ふざいひょう fuzai-hyo), or officially 郵便物等お預かりのお知らせ(ゆうびんぶつ とう おあずかり の おしらせ yubinbutsu tou oazukari no oshirase)in case of JP.

Sample (image from the website of JP)

Here is a link to the page by JP for international exchange students, in which various postal services are explained.
Practical Guide for International Students (Japan Post)

And here is the page on re-delivery issues in English
Re-Delivery (Japan Post)

You can reschedule the delivery by:
1) the 24h automated answering telephone (toll free)
2) online from the JP website
3) mail (using the notice sheet)
4) Fax

Now we're going to explain How to Rescheduling Deliveries Online (opens a new window), which should be quick and easy for everyone that uses the Internet.

If you would like a PDF version, click here to download.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[EVENT] Nighttime Opening of King Tower (Kanagawa Prefectural Office) 14-16 August 2013

Kanagawa Prefectural Office (神奈川県庁), whose main building is called King (there are also Jack and Queen and they were landmarks for sailors in old days), opens a couple of Sundays every month, but in this Obon season, it will open in the evenings for three days.

Date: 14-16th August, 2013, 17:30-21:00

Open Areas:
[3F] The room of the governor (from outside), the former room for honored guests and the former conference room
[6F] The exhibition room and the rooftop.

Admission: Free

through 14-16 at the Parking: Food Court (kitchen cars) 17:30-21:00

You can also enjoy some beer (for sale) on the rooftop.

At the entrance: [14th] 18:40-19:00 Japanese tambour (wadaiko) performances by Tsurumi Sogo high school, 19:10-19:40 Ukulele and Hula
[15th] 18:40-19:00 Japanese tambour (wadaiko) performances by Aikawa high school
[16th] 18:40-19:20 Music by Kanagawa police band and Chuo Nogyo high school (Japanese tambour)

**A little note about Kanagawa Prefectural Office**
It was build in 1928, after the former building was damaged by the Great Kanto Earthquake. It is the second oldest prefectural building in service.
It was listed as the Tangible Cultural Properties in Japan in 1996.

Update: There will also be Digital Kakejiku Light show from 19:00-21:00
Pictures : Asahi Shinbun Digital
Source: Kanagawa Prefecture website (in Japanese)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

[EVENT] Red Brick Resort 2013 1st Aug-25th Aug, 2013

Red Brick Resort 2013

From THU1st August to SUN 25th August, 11:00-23:00.
At Red Brick Warehouse Square.

*The photo is from last year's Red Brick Resort 2012.

There are a little jungle, white sand, foot-bathing water etc... You'll forget where you are!

Source: Red Brick Warehouse/ Event (in Japanese)

[LEISURE] Blueberry Picking Farms in Yokohama (Information from Bay Kids Magazine)

There are many farms in Yokohama where we can enjoy picking fruits (with kids).  Blueberries are in season now and the blueberries in my little garden are turning purple-blue now.

Here are some farms that were introduced in the free magazine Bay Kids, Summer 2013 Vol.009 (you can read the back numbers from here (in Japanese).

1) Yokohama Asahi Blueberry no Mori
(Mid-July~Beginnig of September) 1648-3 Kawashima-cho, Asahi-ku.
Tel: 080-6732-1187 (18:00-20:00)
Ten min walk from Sotetsu Tsurugamine Station.
*You can come by car.

2) Kajiya En
(Mid-June~Mid August) 1172 Hassaku-cho, Midori-ku.
15 min walk from Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line Kawawa-cho Station.
*You can come by car.
Reservation Required (online only)

3) Yours Garden
(Mid-July~Beginning of September) 1742 Nase-cho, Totsuka-ku.
Tel:045-831-2220 (Nagase Green Gold, for reservation only any other inquiries should be posted by e-mail)
Close to Nakamura bus stop, from JR Higashi-totsuka or Sotetsu Ryokuen-toshi station.
*You can come by car.

4) Marui Farm
(Mid-July~End of August) 991 Higashikata-cho, Tsuzuki-ku.
5 min by car from Daisan Keihin Kohoku Interchange Exit. 15 min by car from Tomei Freeway Yokohama Aoba Interchange. Gento-in bus stop from Yokohama Subway Nakamachidai, Center Minami or Tsuzuki Fureai no Oka stations.
*You can come by car.

[editorial comment]
*Even if the farms 1,3 and 4 don't say "Reservation Required", we'd better make a reservation if possible.