Wednesday, August 7, 2013

[EVENT] Nighttime Opening of King Tower (Kanagawa Prefectural Office) 14-16 August 2013

Kanagawa Prefectural Office (神奈川県庁), whose main building is called King (there are also Jack and Queen and they were landmarks for sailors in old days), opens a couple of Sundays every month, but in this Obon season, it will open in the evenings for three days.

Date: 14-16th August, 2013, 17:30-21:00

Open Areas:
[3F] The room of the governor (from outside), the former room for honored guests and the former conference room
[6F] The exhibition room and the rooftop.

Admission: Free

through 14-16 at the Parking: Food Court (kitchen cars) 17:30-21:00

You can also enjoy some beer (for sale) on the rooftop.

At the entrance: [14th] 18:40-19:00 Japanese tambour (wadaiko) performances by Tsurumi Sogo high school, 19:10-19:40 Ukulele and Hula
[15th] 18:40-19:00 Japanese tambour (wadaiko) performances by Aikawa high school
[16th] 18:40-19:20 Music by Kanagawa police band and Chuo Nogyo high school (Japanese tambour)

**A little note about Kanagawa Prefectural Office**
It was build in 1928, after the former building was damaged by the Great Kanto Earthquake. It is the second oldest prefectural building in service.
It was listed as the Tangible Cultural Properties in Japan in 1996.

Update: There will also be Digital Kakejiku Light show from 19:00-21:00
Pictures : Asahi Shinbun Digital
Source: Kanagawa Prefecture website (in Japanese)

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