Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Event] Hodogaya Candle night

Date:Saturday,31th August,2013 15:00-20:30
※canceled due to bad weather

Place:Hodogaya Park(around the plum garden)  保土ヶ谷公園梅園周辺
    横浜市保土ケ谷区花見台4-2  MAP≫

Pictures from Hodogaya Candle night Official Facebook

Stage event:
15:00-18:30 Dj time
18:30-18:50 Tsugaru-jamisen, Shinobue(Japanese bamboo flute) & Fire Dance
18:50-19:30 Dj time
19:30-20:00 Tsugaru-jamisen, Japanese drum, guitar,base,drum & Fire Dance

Original Light Workshop:
15:00-@ the side of head office(tent) 
fee :1000yen 
※Limited to 200 
※Lights can be brought home.

Hodogaya Candle night Official Website(Japanese)

@How to get there@
The nearest bus stop is '保土ケ谷野球場前 hodogaya yakyujyo mae',
★From JR Hodogaya Station (10 min/\210) West Exit, Bus Stop #1,25 route, bound for 横浜駅西口Yokohama Station (West Exit) or 保土ケ谷駅(循環)Hodogaya Station Circular
★From Yokohama Station West Exit (30 min/\210) , Bus Stop #14 ,25 route, bound for 保土ケ谷駅西口Hodogaya Station(West Exit)
★From Sotetsu Hoshikawa Station (7 min/\210),25 route, bound for 保土ケ谷駅西口Hodogaya Station(West Exit)

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