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[LEISURE] Fruit Gathering on Farm "Iwasaki Kaju En"in Yokohama

There are farms in Yokohama where we can enjoy picking fruits. We already introduced some blueberry farms (please read the older post), and this time we'll introduce another farm in Totsuka along with our own experience.

Iwasaki Kaju En website top
戸塚区平戸町5418 (5418 Hirato-cho, Totsuka-ku)

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@How to get there@
The nearest bus stop is '坂下口 sakashita guchi',
From JR/Subway Totsuka Station (15-20 min/¥210) : East Exit, Bus Stop #6,  戸38 Hodogaya Station (East Exit)
Bus Stop #7 横43 Yokohama Station (East Exit), 横44 Yokohama Station (East Exit)

From JR Higashi-Totsuka Station (10min/¥210): East Exit, Bus Stop #4, 横17 Yokohama Station (West Exit), 東01 Idogaya Shimocho (井土ケ谷下町), 東03 Hirado Danchi (平戸団地),  東08 Yokohama Park Town

From JR Hodogaya Station (20-25min/¥210) East Exit, Bus Stop #1 戸38 Totsuka Station (East Exit), Bus Stop #2  77 Serigaya (芹が谷)

From Yokohama Station West Exit (40 min/¥210) , Bus Stop #23 横17 Higashi-Totsuka Station (East Exit)

From Yokohama Station East Exit (38 min/¥210), Bus Stop #9 横43, 44 Tostuka Station (East Exit) , #11  77 Serigaya

Around the bus stop. (Route 1) Turn right.

This panel says "A Farming Area in Hirado"
Pear, Chestnut, Peach, Grape, Kaki and Ume (Plum).
There are 8 farms, but not all of them do fruit picking, but sell their fresh fruits at the gates.
Another panel "Hirado Fruit Village"
(an official panel by the city of Yokohama)

Go up the small road and we find Iwasaki Kaju En.
(The third farm).

The entrance is on the right, continue going up the hill.

Then we found the staff of the farm. We asked the picking of fruits (nashi and grape).
A 'welcome fruit' :-) There were some tables where we can enjoy the fruits.

We got a basket and went to the field with one of the staff.
Nashi (Japanese pear) field.

Pears are very big! And look, two cast-off skins of cicada!

Nashi was ¥600/kg (the price may change a little)

Grape field.

Grape was ¥1,300 yen/kg (the price may change)

When we finished gathering, we went back, got the fruits measured, and paid.

@What fruit we can gather on this farm?@

Budo (Grape): 10 August - 31 August
Nashi (Pear): 20 July - 20 September
Kaki: 10 October - 31 November
Mikan (Tangerine): 1 November - 15 December

@What is the open hours?@

Basically no closed days.
Lunch break from 12:00 to 14:00 (please avoid these hours)


*In the end, we would like to show our gratitude to the farm owner who kindly accepted our writing about the farm on this blog.

Some knowledge about Yokohama Fruits.
Yokohama has 'yokohama brand' fruits which is called 'Hama ~'. Most of these fruits are not available at retail stores but at JA, temporary outdoor markets or on the farms.

Hama Nashi (浜なし, Japanese pear) is one of the most popular fruits from Yokohama. There are also Hama Budo (浜ぶどう, grape) and Hama Gaki (浜がき, kaki).

Here is the link to the website of Yokohama city explaining about Hama Nashi(in Japanese)

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