Thursday, August 1, 2013

[LEISURE] Blueberry Picking Farms in Yokohama (Information from Bay Kids Magazine)

There are many farms in Yokohama where we can enjoy picking fruits (with kids).  Blueberries are in season now and the blueberries in my little garden are turning purple-blue now.

Here are some farms that were introduced in the free magazine Bay Kids, Summer 2013 Vol.009 (you can read the back numbers from here (in Japanese).

1) Yokohama Asahi Blueberry no Mori
(Mid-July~Beginnig of September) 1648-3 Kawashima-cho, Asahi-ku.
Tel: 080-6732-1187 (18:00-20:00)
Ten min walk from Sotetsu Tsurugamine Station.
*You can come by car.

2) Kajiya En
(Mid-June~Mid August) 1172 Hassaku-cho, Midori-ku.
15 min walk from Yokohama Municipal Subway Green Line Kawawa-cho Station.
*You can come by car.
Reservation Required (online only)

3) Yours Garden
(Mid-July~Beginning of September) 1742 Nase-cho, Totsuka-ku.
Tel:045-831-2220 (Nagase Green Gold, for reservation only any other inquiries should be posted by e-mail)
Close to Nakamura bus stop, from JR Higashi-totsuka or Sotetsu Ryokuen-toshi station.
*You can come by car.

4) Marui Farm
(Mid-July~End of August) 991 Higashikata-cho, Tsuzuki-ku.
5 min by car from Daisan Keihin Kohoku Interchange Exit. 15 min by car from Tomei Freeway Yokohama Aoba Interchange. Gento-in bus stop from Yokohama Subway Nakamachidai, Center Minami or Tsuzuki Fureai no Oka stations.
*You can come by car.

[editorial comment]
*Even if the farms 1,3 and 4 don't say "Reservation Required", we'd better make a reservation if possible.

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