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IMCY Rules and Regulations

English(Show PDF)
Japanese(Show PDF)

Practical Info

Smile Port New Comers Info Booklet

Smile Port Calling Emergency 119 (Child Emergency) Sheet
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A List of Useful Japanese at Hairdresser's
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IMCY Disaster Preparation List ver.1
(Things to prepare at home)
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Medical Terms (English, Japanese, Hiragana and French) ver.1
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Child Allowance 児童手当

Child Allowance Present Condition Form 2013

Infants and Toddlers Health Check-up provided by the City of Yokohama

  The health check-ups for 4-months, 18-months, 36-months-old children is held at your local ward office in Yokohama. The date is fixed according to the birthday of your child. These papers in a pink envelop are sent to your house about a month before the check-up day. According to the ward officer, the English, Chinese and Korean translation of these documents are available, and the non-Japanese version is sent when it is clear that you speak one of these languages (for example, you wrote down the name of your country at the registration).
  However, I found some cases that they just sent the Japanese version, so I uploaded the scanned images of the check-up documents in English. There is a little problem with my scanner and the bottom part of each document is slightly twisted. Sorry!

*The PDF file will be shown on your browser.

Basic Information Sheet
 When your child takes the check-up in Yokohama for the first time.

4 Months Old Check-up
 The invitation letter and interview sheets.

18 Months Old Check-up
 The invitation letter and interview sheets.

36 Months Old Check-up
 The invitation letter and interview sheets.

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