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[WELFARE] Child Allowance Present Condition Form 2021

 If you have children under 15 and receive Child Allowance, you are supposed to turn in Jido Teate, Genkyo Todoke (児童手当・特例給付現況届) , Child Allowance Present Condition form by the end of June in order to continue to receive the allowance for another year.  

Haven't received it yet?

If you have children under 15 and have not received the envelop, you might need to check if your registration was properly done when you moved in to Yokohama. 

In the envelop, you find:

1) A white one-sided sheet (how to fill in the form)
2) A white sheet with your name and address on (the child allowance present condition form to fill//turn in)
3) A green sheet (the announcement of the present condition form)
4) A blue-green sheet (Q&A and income limitation)
5) A green envelop (to send it by post but you need to buy an 84 yen postal stamp)

What are different from the last year's?

You don't need the inkan stamp.

*in this context, "you" refers to the recipient of the envelop, usually one of the caretakers who earns more than the other(s).
*"My Number" stands for the social security and tax number (system).


Date of application  ex) June 15th, 2020 = 令和 3  6 月 15 日
Always in  yy-mm-dd order in Japan. The year 2021 is Reiwa 3.
Recipient information area
The recipient's name (who earns the most in your household)
Sex: Male 男 Female 
Birthdate (may already be printed) Circle 昭和(showa) if you were born before January 8th, 1989. Circle 平成(heisei) if you were born after. 
Address (may be already printed), if the current address isn't what is printed here, erase with two parallel lines and fill in the correct address
Telephone numbers (upper line: home, lower line: mobile phone number)
Address on January 1st, 2020: Circle and if outside Yokohama, write the address in the ( )  (横浜市内 inside Yokohama, 横浜市街 outside Yokohama, 国外 overseas)
*If outside Yokohama, fill in the prefecture, city, and ward names of your previous residence
Occupation: Circle  会社員 employee 自営業 self-employed 公務員 civil servant 無職unemployed その他 others (  )
Office name and number
Employee or not: 被用者=Employee
Pension Type: (1) Employee's Pension (2) National Pension (including no.3)  (3) Others 
*If you are a member of the Mutual Aid Pension, draw a circle in the parenthesis
(  ) Private School Mutual Aid  (  ) Pension Fund Association for Local Government Officials (  ) National Public Service Personnel Mutual Aid   (  ) Other types of Mutual Aid
(Upper)Do you have a spouse? Circle Yes: 有 No: 
If no, you don't have to fill in the Spouse area.
(Lower)Do you (financially) support your spouse? Circle Yes: 有 No: 
When filling in the information of your spouse below, you need his/her accordance as in Convenant clauses and agreement.
Spouse's information area
Name of the spouse
Birthdate of the spouse
Address: Do you live together with your spouse? Circle Yes:同居 No:別居 If No, fill in the address in the [ ].
Occupation: Circle  会社員 employee 自営業 self-employed 公務員 civil servant 無職 unemployed その他 others
Address on January 1st 2019. Circle 横浜市 inside Yokohama 横浜市外 outside Yokohama 国外 overseas
Office name and number
Children information area
Children whom the recipient takes care of (guard) and who were born after April 2nd, 2002
(write the full names of your children)
Relationship (child  grandchild etc.)
㉖Residence(同居 together 別居 separated)
Living (must be 同一same if it's your child. In case of caretakers other than the parents, 維持maintaining)

*Please fill in all your children from 0 year old to 18 years old (considered as 18 years old till March 31st after turning 18).
*Need another document if you live separately with your children. 
*In case your children are studying abroad, write down the date of departure. Need another document to submit, too.

What is written on the bottom

*You cannot change the recipient with this form. 

*If you have more than six children, you have two sheets of this form. Please submit both.

Convenant clauses and agreement
(1) I agree with that the city of Yokohama searches the recipient and his/her spouse's income information for official records or documents at other executive agencies or using My Number system in order to judge the necessary conditions to provide Child Allowance. 
(2) In case the necessary information cannot be confirmed by official records, I will turn in necessary documents.

Caution: To continue to receive Child Allowance, you need to turn in this Present Condition form.
In two years without turning in the form, you will lose the right to receive the allowance.

The backside
The copy of your insurance card is basically no longer necessary by using the national information network except for those who belong to the Mutual Aid association.

If the recipient is a member of the Mutual Aid association or has a Mutual Aid membership card (insurance card)

The example of the Mutual Aid associations
-Japan Post Mutual Aid
-Public School Mutual Aid
-The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Mutual Aid (limited to branches like universities)

*Those who have a card of Private School Mutual Aid don't need to attach the copy.

Please attach the photocopy of the recipient's card. *Not the one of your children.
Make sure to hide the numbers of your insurance card.



[IMPORTANT]You need to turn in the present condition form: in case it wasn't submitted, you will not receive the allowance of June and after.
Deadline: Wednesday, June 30, 2021

How To Submit
You can submit by post or online using "My Number" card. To avoid contact due to the Covid-19, please refrain from visiting the ward office if not necessary. 
The department of Child and Youth will contact you in case you need to submit other documents.

By Post

Use the green envelop enclosed in the letter. Please put the right amount of postal stamp. You can also make use of registered mail system of the Japan Post if you wish.

Through the e-apply system 

You can submit online 24/7. You need your "My Number" card. 
1) Access to Pittari Service (writer's note: it seems to be only in Japanese)

2) Search "児童手当"

3) Choose "令和3年度現況届" and apply
Type the registration number printed under the bar code on the paper application form you have received. 

If you need your "My Number" card, check out the website of the city of Yokohama. Please note that it will take time to issue the card. 

[on the BACK]
Income Check of the Recipient's Spouse
To confirm who is the main supporter of your household (=who earns more), the income of the recipient's spouse must be checked and the accordance is needed.

Prescription of Child Allowance
If you don't submit the form, you will lose the right to receive Child Allowance in two years. You will have to re-apply at your ward office in that case.

How much Child Allowance you will receive
The amount changes according to your income.
The monthly amount per child
Child Allowance (under the income limit):
under 3 y-old 15000 yen
3-12 (elementary school), 1st &2nd child 10000 yen, after 3rd child 15000 yen
12-15 (junior high school) 10,000 yen
Special Benefit (over the income limit): 5000 yen regardless of age

When you use this system, you need:
-"My Number" card
-A computer or smartphone (some smartphones are not applicable to this system)
-An IC card reader/writer if you use a compter
-The application form (you need the number under the barcode to sign up)

For questions about how to use the e-apply system (toll free) 0120-95-0178
For questions about the allowance 045-641-8411 (faximille 045-641-8412)



Q1. I heard that if I earn more than 12,000,000 yen par year, I can't receive the allowance.
A1. There's no such rule for this fiscal year (June 2021 to May 2022). The government has been considering the change after June 2022. We will announce on our website if we received the order from the government.
Q2. I have sent false information online by mistake. 
A2. Please resend an application with correct information. 

Q3. When will I receive the result.
A3. We will send out the result from the end of July. It may take time depending on your condition.

Q4. I send the form by post and I want to know if it has arrived or not.
A4. You can call us (045-641-8411) and we will track your application but it usually takes about two weeks (after the arrival of your form) to be able to track where your application form is. We recommend that you use the registers mail system of Japan Post when you send it.

Q5. Do I need to attach the copy of my health insurance card?
A5. Basically, no. If "XXX 共済組合 組合員証" is written on your insurance card, you need the photocopy (Private School Teachers Mutual Aid 私立学校教職員共済 is an exception).

Q6. Do I need to turn in the certificate of my pension enrollment?
A6. No. From this year, it is no longer needed.

Q7. I want to change the recipient to my spouse. 
A7. It is possible if your spouse's income in 2020 was more than yours. If you wish to, please write "受給者変更希望" (Wish to change the recipient) clearly on the right top of the present condition form.  After examining the condition and the change is considered acceptable, we will send you the application form later.  

Q8. Does "income" mean the amount on the tax announcement or on the withholding tax slip?
A8. If your income is only salary, "income" means your "salary income (after deduction)".  

[on the Back]

Point: Income Limit 
If your income is over the income limit, you will receive Special Benefit (5000 yen/child/month) regardless of the age and the number of children.
The recipient is a caretaker who support most of the expense of the child (basically the one who earns more). If your spouse earns more etc. you need to change the recipient (the department of Child and Adolescent will let you know).

The income limit differs according to the number of dependent family members and the deduction.
*Let me skip the income limit system!*

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