Sunday, November 22, 2015

[IMCY ACTIVITY REPORT] Bazaars Autumn 2015

This autumn, we attended two local festivals in Yokohama: Hodogaya International Festa and Kaminoki Chiku Center Festival.

1) Hodogaya International Festa (Nov. 15)

We sold handmade items (by our volunteer members) and some imported items from India, Mexico, Hong Kong and France. Hair accessories for little girls were very popular! Our booth is always on the 4th floor where there are an exit from the hall and the kimono trial and photo shot room, so there are always many international people in their ethnic costume or kimono. We also enjoyed some ethnic foods from the stands downstairs.

This time, we also had a Christmas ornament workshop for children. Children loved it a lot and were happy with their project!

2) Kaminoki Chiku Center Festival (Nov. 22)
Kaminoki Chiku Center is close to JR Oguchi station. There were exhibition of art and craft works of those who use the center for their projects. There were also workshops and dance/music performances. Food stands and fresh fruit and vegetable sale were very popular, too.

We sold handmade items and imported items as the last time, and we also baked waffles there with Lebkuchen spices. Next to our stand was a chocolate fondu stand, so the sweet smells attracted the passers-by. As it was our first try, we didn't prepare much, so the waffles were sold out before noon.


We would like to show our deep gratitude to the visitors, the HIEC and Kaminoki Chiku Center staff for letting us join the festivals, and our volunteer members.

Thank you!!

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