Tuesday, October 15, 2013

[GOVERNMENT] The Notice of the Child Allowance Payment

A sealed postcard from the city of Yokohama arrived. It was a notice of the Child Allowance payment. So if you receive this, the allowance will be transferred to your account soon (or already transferred).

① the sum of the allowance
② the adjustment amount
③ the amount of money to be paid this time
④ the scheduled date of transfer (of the allowance)
⑤ the year and month of payment (H25 means Heisei 25 = 2013)
⑥ the number of children
⑦ the amount of allowance
⑧ the category of allowance (児童手当 jido teate : child allowance / 特例手当 tokurei teate : special allowance)
⑨ For the recipient of the Child Allowance
You are requested to declare (to turn in the documents) in the following cases:
-when the number of children (to receive the allowance) increased, for example, a new baby was born
-when the recipient moves out of the city
-when the recipient becomes a civil servant
-when the recipient no longer take care of the children (to receive the allowance)
-when the number of children decreased, for example, the children move to a child care institution or foster parents', or when the children are gone.
-when there is a change in the account information or the name of the recipient
-when the recipient lives separately with the children in question, but continues taking care of them.  

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