Thursday, October 3, 2013

[EVENT] Yokohama Station Festival 2013, 4-14 October

Yokohama Station Festival 2013(2013横浜えきまつり)started around Yokohama station!!
The 14th of October is the Day of the Train in Japan since the first passenger train started to run on that day in 1872 (from Shimbashi to Yokohama, but to be precise, both stations at that time situated in different places of the present time, the Yokohama station at that time was now called Sakuragicho station).
And the Yokohama Station Festival 2013 is from 4th October to 14th October.

Official Website of the festival in Japanese

There are various events and here are some pick-ups. All of them are free of charge (except for goods sales).


Nishi-guchi (West Exit) Live
At Takashimaya
5th and 6th October 11:00-15:30, 13th October 11:00-14:00
1F  main entrance stage at Takashimaya Yokohama store
5&6th : a Vietnamien singer, Hien Thuc, a idol dance group from Laos, Over Dance and other performance of ASEAN countries
13th : Yokohama Firefighter Band, Yokohama F Marinos cheer leading team, Japanese drum performance etc.

At Joinus
5th and 12th October, 13:00-, 15:00-, 17:00
B2F square
Smile Song (a free live held every saturday, Station festival special version)


YOKOHAMA Train Festival 2013
5 and 6th October
At Yokohama Shintoshi Hall (Sogo 9F) Plaza (in front of Sogo, B2F) 5th:9:45-17:00, 6th 10:00-17:00
Photo with the stationmaster (on 5th only), Panel Quiz Rally, Craft workshop etc.
At Porta Shopping Mall 9:45-16:00
Train goods and the local specialties will be sold.

Train Characters Gathering
5th October 11:00-16:00
At JR Yokohama Station Central Concourse

From left to right:
Keikyun from Keikyu Line
Norurun from Tokyu Line
Hama no Denchan from JR East Yokohama branch
Hamarin from Yokohama Municipal Transport
Hyo-chan from Kiyoken (nothing to do with trains though specialty of Yokohama)

Come on Kids! Get on a mini-train!!
14th October 11:00~13:00, 14:00~16:30
At 2F Terrace in Sogo Yokohama
Kids can get on a 6-car mini train running around the terrace
Canceled in case of heavy rain

Yokohama Station Festival Walking Day
14th October
Admission at Sakuragicho station Concourse, from 9:00 to 11:00
It will take about 4hours 30min (including the sightseeing time, walking time around 2hours, about 7km). You are supposed to arrive at the Goal (JR Yokohama Station Concourse) by 16:00.
Course: JR Sakuragicho, The First Railway Monument, Dockyard garden, Nihonmaru, Kisha michi street, Zou no hana park, Red Brick Warehouse, Rinko Park, Yokohama Museum of Art, Hara Model Train Museum, JR Yokohama Station.

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