Friday, November 1, 2013

[IMCY ACTIVITY REPORT] Kandaiji Chiku Center Festival (Bazaar)

We, six of the admin members, joined Kandaiji Chiku Center Festival (神大寺地区センターまつり)on 27th October.

We got the chance to join this event thanks to an international exchange group "Kokusai Koryu Jyuku Kanagawa". When we are looking for some festivals or bazaar where we can sell goods to earn some money for our new activity (this time, for Deko Maki Sushi workshops), they kindly offered us a part of their place at the festival.
*Kokusai Koryu Jyuku Kanagawa (国際交流塾かながわ) is a group that encourage communication between locals and international people through parties, cooking classes etc...

We were there from 10:30 to 15:30 and sold 38 items!!
We sold handmade goods (hair accessories, otedama balls, wood and leather crafts and knits) and souvenirs from India (bindis, cotton stoles and necklaces) as below.

We also handed out the flyers of IMCY and the Deko Maki Sushi workshops.

It was the very first experience for us, and we enjoyed it a lot, too. However there are also some things that we should improve:

-Presentation and service: we didn't bring mirrors, so people who wanted to try on the necklace or stole had to go to a restroom to see if it suit them or not. Also, who we are and what we sell were not clear enough for passers-by.
[lesson] We should bring mirrors and hangers for things like stoles. We should prepare more posters explaining IMCY and the items.

-Goods for everyone: Most of our goods were for girls and women. ¥100 hair accessories were popular among school girls and so were Indian stoles and necklaces among elderly ladies. Maybe it would be nice if we have something for boys and men, too.

-Advertising: We were too busy selling goods and couldn't advertise IMCY enough. Our current flyer is more for would-be members (mothers of young children) and we'd better prepare another for "everyone".

Our booth was in the entrance hall, with food booths just outside in the patio, it smelled good all the time and we enjoyed some of the foods, too.

The profit (the sales with the cost subtracted) will be used for the Deko Maki Sushi workshop.

We're looking forward to the next festival at Iwama Shimin Plaza on 17th November. Please come and join us!

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