Monday, November 18, 2013

[ACTIVITY REPORT]IMCY Booth at Hodogaya International "Tsudoi" Festival 2013


IMCY admin members joined the Hodogaya International Festival "Tsudoi" 2013 on Sunday, 17th November.

This time, in addition to the bazaar,  we served Indian Hena Hand Paint and we also sold cookies like kinako macarons and pain d'epices (ginger cookies).

Three of our members also helped the ethnic costume exhibition at the gallery wearing their traditional costumes. They were really appreciated.

Since this was an international festival, there were various people - different nationalities/origins and age, which was nice, too. Just next to our booth was the Kimono Try-On room, where many foreign visitors (even our members!) tried on gorgeous Kimono (Furisode) and the staff also arranged their hair for kimono style, too. Some kids also put on the kimono and were really cute.

We've got positive comments from many people that they were impressed by the fact that we, the mothers of young children, do this kind of activity by ourselves.

We would like to show our gratitude to the HIEC (Hodogaya International Exchange Center) staff for all their support to our booth.

Thank you!!

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