Sunday, November 3, 2013

[PLAYGROUP] French & Multilingual Playgroup by IMCY

IMCY is going to have a French & Multilingual Playgroup in December and January. This playgroup is open for every family with preschool children and younger.

This playgroup is conducted mainly in French with some help of English and Japanese. French skills are not required, so please feel free to visit and enjoy the French culture. We also add "multi-lingual" as we will have some families who speak other languages. It will be greatly welcomed if you can introduce stories (picture books), songs or finger plays in your other language(s) to us.

Yokohama Miyazaki Chiku Day Care Center 3F Multi-purpose room.

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13th December (FRI) 13:30-15:00
Theme: Saint Nicolas
Stories, songs and finger plays (in French and other languages).

Saint Nicolas is one of the saints and his birthday, 6th December is celebrated as "La Saint Nicolas" in some areas in France and in other European countries. He is said to be a model for Santa Claus. A little donkey brings gifts and cookies for children while the Santa's mates are reindeer. 

11th January (SAT) 10:30-12:00
Theme: L'Epiphanie (La Galette des Rois)
Stories, songs and finger plays (in French and other languages).


The Epiphany is another Christian holiday which is the 12th day from the Christmas. This is also the day when three Wise men (Rois mages in French) visited the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

In France, they eat "Galette des Rois", which is a pie with almond cream filling. There is also a brioche version (the very left photo). There is a little porcelain called la fève (literally means "broad bean") inside the cake. The cake is cut in pieces and the youngest person hides under the table and choose a piece for each one. The one who gets la fève will be a king/queen and choose a queen/king.

*IMCY is not a religious group, so we deal with these holidays as a part of culture.

[Charge] ¥100/child
*We are going to prepare some snacks for children. You don't have to pay if your child is not old enough to eat them.

Reservation is NOT required. You can come and leave anytime you want. However, since we are going to prepare snacks, it would be nice if you could e-mail us beforehand so that you will surely enjoy the shack.
e-mail:* (please replace * with @)

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