Thursday, September 19, 2013

[WELFARE] Child Allowance Payment Announcement

You may have received the yellow envelop recently. It is about the Child Allowance (Announcement of Payment).

Outline (translation):

Document no.1 (White paper)

Announcement of Child Allowance or Special Payment to be continued

You will receive child allowance or special payment of Heisei 25 fiscal year (2013) from June and after as follows:

@The name of Recipient
@Category (Child Allowance 児童手当 or Special Payment 特例給付)
@Your Address
@Basic number of children to be counted*
@Amount per month
@Date of start (continue)

*Basic number of children to be counted stands for a number of children under 16 (before finishing junior high school) and over 16 to 18 (before 31st March after turning 18) in your family. According to this number, if you have a third and after child(ren) over 3 years old to 12 (before entering junior high), the monthly payment is increased.

Document no.2 (Yellow paper front)

Dear Recipient of Child Allowance or Special Payment

1. About the amount of allowance
-The amount of allowance is 15,000 yen for under 3 years old and 10,000 yen for over 3 to before finishing junior high school. If the income of the child's guardian is over the limitation, the amount is 5,000 yen regardless the age of the child (all the amount is per child, monthly).

2. About the date of payment
June to September 2013 : 15th October, 2013
October 2013 to January 2014 : 14th February 2014
February to May 2014 : 13th June 2014
*Regarding the payment, you will receive an Announcement of Payment (transfer), which is sent to your letterbox. So please confirm the detail in the letter.

3. Please declare in case of the change of your status
(1) When a new baby is born.
=>Application of Change of Amount (will be payed from the following month of the applied day)

(2) When the recipient no longer fulfill the conditions to receive the allowance
(when the recipient is no longer the guardian of the child/when the recipient becomes a civil servant/when the recipient moves out of the city/Japan)
=>Report of Lapse to Receive Allowance

(3) When there are any change in status.
(when the number of children to take care decreased/when the child go abroad to study/when there is a change in family members/when the recipient gets married/when the income of the recipient excess the limit by the change of tax amount etc./when the recipient want to change the bank account to receive the allowance and so on)
 =>Please contact the office TEL: 045-641-8411 / FAX 045-641-8412
MON - FRI (except for holidays) 9:00AM-5:00PM

*You must return the proper amount of allowance if you receive more than you are supposed to by the delay of these declaration.

Document no.3 (Yellow paper back)


How you can donate and how it will be used:
-You can donate the allowance only by handing in an application
-The city of Yokohama directly receive the donation (the amount you named).
-Your donation will be used to help children and young people in Yokohama.

The Process of Donation

1) The recipient Call the city office
2) The city send an application form to the recipient
3) The recipient turns in the application
4) The city receives the donation
* You can donate the part of your allowance (the rest will be transferred to your bank account).

If you wish to donate:
1) Please call 045-641-8411 (FAX 045-641-8412) and the officer will explain the detail.
2) Please download the application form from the website of Yokohama city and send it to the address below (if you can't download it, they will send it to you by mail).

-You can receive tax deduction of the donation of allowance (the city of Yokohama issues a certificate to declare the tax deduction).
-The donation cannot be returned after the city receives it, but you can withdraw the application before the payment of the allowance.
-The city may contact again for those who turn in the application to donate to confirm the detail.

Address: 231-8771 Yokohama City, The Department of Children and Young People, Children and Family Division/Allowance Payment
TEL:045-641-8411 / FAX:045-641-8412

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