Monday, September 23, 2013

[LIVING TIPS] Tracking Your Parcel Through Japan Post

When you sent a parcel to your family or friend in outside Japan and it hasn't arrived even after a month  or vise versa. You can track your parcel through Japan Post.

[Check Online with a Track Number]

If you used have a track number, you can check it immediately on this page:
Serial Search by Item Number (Japan Post)

[An Inquiry to Track the Mail]

If the case of EMS and you can't get a result from the Serial Search above, you can turn in an inquiry to the post office where you sent the parcel within six months from a day after your sending.
Please read the notices concerning EMS Track & Trace Service.

Download EMS Inquiry file (with a sample) :

And the cases of registered mail, mail with insurance or international parcel, you can turn in an inquiry to the post office where you sent them within six months (a year in case of South Africa). You can also ask for the search for mails sent to you from foreign countries (except South Africa). However, the receipt is required for the search of registered mail or mail with insurance from overseas.

Download International Mail Inquiry:

Please prepare an ID to prove that you are the sender/recipient.

*Please note that this article was written on 24th September, 2013. The forms may have been changed. 

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