Thursday, September 12, 2013

[LIFE] Yokohama City Garbage Separation Application and MIctionary

*This contents is an extraction from the flyer by the city:

Change "How do I separate this garbage?" to "Okay, now I know!"

Enables garbage separation items to be searched for by word, and reflects collection dates back onto a built-in calendar. An extremely useful tool that also provides information on garbage separation.

Available free of charge at the App Store and Play Store.

MIctionary website
MIctionary for mobile

A retrieval system that provides details on garbage separation simply by entering the name of the item in question. Provides easy searches on cellphones and PCs whenever you are perplexed.

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Yokohama city succeeded in reducing a lot of garbage in the past few years. 
Thank you very much for your cooperation. Keep separating/recycling!! And it uses less energy to burn kitchen garbage if we drain it well. 

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