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[LEISURE] Cats Cafes and Rabbits Cafe in Yokohama "LEON"

There are many 'cats' cafes' 猫カフェ(neko cafe) in Japan and of course, there are some in Yokohama.

Here's some info on Cats and Rabbits Cafe Leon near JR Ishikawa-cho along with my experience.
Neko Cafe Leon official website
(There are a guidance and drink menu in English)

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We visited in September, 2013. The condition may change so please check the latest condition on the official website.

[How to Get There]

The cafe is near JR Ishikawa-cho station North exit, the Chinatown side.
They have a Cats cafe and a Rabbits cafe next to each other. When you go up the stairs, the door to Rabbits cafe is just in front of you and the one to the Cats cafe is on your right.

[When You Arrive at the Cafe...]

*If you are with young children (under 13 years old), you are requested to agree with some regulations. Please read About Bringing Young Children
Take off your shoes at the entrance, wash your hands with soap, and spread disinfectant over your hands. Then a waiter person will seat you to a table. Tell her how many hours you would like to spend and order a drink per person. If it is in 'treat time', you can buy snacks for cats and feed them (¥100 per serving, 1 serving per person). If you would like to use a locker in the cats' room to keep valuables, ask the staff for the key.

Basic charge is ¥600/30 minutes.

"One order system": we are requested to order at least one thing from the menu.

The English menu.

The end time will not be informed, so please check the time on your own responsibility.

[In the Cats' Room]

You can go to the cats' room whenever you like. You can play with cats walking around in the room but not the ones in their cage. When you feed the cats, keep the plate high or cats may take it away. And to avoid unexpected bite, put the snack on your palm and feed the cat. Used plates are supposed to be returned in a little box near the door.
Too cute!
"No Entry". Maybe a restroom.

[If You Want to Go to Rabbits' Room]

You can also go to the rabbits' room through cats' room by paying ¥300/person. Let the staff know that you would like it. There is a door to the rabbits' room in the cats' room.

[Rabbits' Room Rules]

Rabbits are in their cage. There is a name card next to each cage with their name, type and O or X sign on the bottom which means if you can put the rabbit on your lap or not (O=OK, X=Not Available).

There is a call buttons and you push it when you would like to put a rabbit on your lap, you would like to let it back in the cage, a rabbit escaped, or you would like to exchange the rabbit on your lap to your neighbor's etc...

The rabbits with X sign, you can't take them out but you can open the door and stroke them. Please be careful not to put your hands near the rabbit's mouth or its belly. It may bite you. You should not put your finger into the cage, either.

[About Rabbits Cafe] *updated Dec. 2013

The Rabbit Cafe area is closed on 31st December 2013...
Source: (in Japanese)

You can not use "ONLY" Rabbits Cafe on weekdays (but weekends and holidays).
If you would like to enjoy only Rabbits Cafe on a weekend or holiday, the charge is ¥800/30 minutes (and after 30 min, ¥200/10 minutes). There are also "90 min package/ ¥1,700" and "120min package/ ¥2,000".

Rabbits Cafe page (in Japanese)


Reservation of Cats Cafe is available on weekdays. Rabbits Cafe reservation is not available so if you would like to make a reservation, you can reserve seats at Cats Cafe and use both Cats and Rabbits Cafes by paying +¥300.

[Taking Pictures]

You can take pictures of cats and rabbits, but without flash. And please be careful not to include other customers in your picture for privacy reasons.

[About Bringing Young Children]

Children under 13 (elementary school and younger) must be accompanied by guardian(s) and you should keep an eye on them so that they won't hurt or surprise the animals. We are not supposed to run, make big noise or scream, and should speak in a low voice. These requests are explained at the entrance before entering with kids. Cats and rabbits are very sensitive animals, so please understand it and consider refraining from using the cafe if you are not sure that your kids can keep the "promise".

My child was 3 years old and he also paid the charge (as well as an adult) and a drink. He was rather kind to animals but was often frightened by their movements so I really had to pay a lot of attention while taking pictures of my family and the animals.

My son got an allergy test before and there was no sign of animal allergies. Please make sure that your children are not allergic to those animals, too.


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