Monday, September 16, 2013

[LEISURE] Conveyor-Belt Sushi Restaurant

This article is about one of a conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, Hamazushi. The system may vary in each conveyor-belt sushi restaurant chain.

Just in front of the little pathway to the fruit farm in Totsuka, is a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant called Hamazushi (jumps to the link to Hamazushi official site in Japanese).

Once you enter the restaurant, you register the number of your company and your preference of seats (table or counter), then a sheet of paper with a number is issued. And you wait until your number is called (I think you will be seated directly if it is not crowded).


You can take sushi as you like. In this chain, the black plate is with wasabi and the red plate is without wasabi.

[Order your sushi]
If you can't find what you want on the conveyor-belt, you can order with this machine.

The ordered sushi plate will arrive on a little red stool on the conveyor-belt and the machine rings to let you know the arrival of your sushi.

They have an English menu, too.
The green button is to call a staff, the yellow button is to have the check (will be explained later).

[To prepare tea]
Hot water comes out from this faucet. And green tea powder is in the little round bin in front of the faucet.

Once you are seated, you must do almost everything by yourself!
Chopsticks are in the rectangle case.

There were five different soy sauces in this restaurant.

[If you want to take out some sushi]
You can take the plastic case and put sushi using a new pair of chopsticks. And please eat as soon as possible!

[Finish and Check]
Call a staff by pushing the yellow button on the machine and let her count the plates. She'll give you a bill and you'll pay at the casher.

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