Monday, June 8, 2015

[ACTIVITY REPORT] Exchange & Chat Cafe June 3rd, 2015

Despite the rain in the morning, more than 15 families joined our very first Exchange & Chat Cafe!

We had a play area where there were some volunteer staff who watched the children and moms can chat with others. In the right corner, we had an "Exchange" table where we displayed second-hand items and exchanged an item to/with an IMCY point. On the left we had "Idea" table where moms wrote ideas for our future events or needed information etc. and sticked them on the white board to exchange to IMCY points. There was also a cafe corner where you can have a cup of tea and a piece of cake using the IMCY point.
Cakes of the Day: Yogurt cake, cinnamon waffle, maple cookies, Japanese confections and baby sembei rice crackers.

Many ideas for IMCY future events and needed information for international moms. These ideas will be put together and we will decide new events in September and later.

We had an unexpected visit by a man from a volunteer group that performs a wall theater for children. Once he started the story, eyes of the children were glued to the theater. It was an interesting story!! We really appreciated it!!

Thanks again for those who joined the Cafe. We had a great time!! 
Next Exchange & Chat Cafe will be on July 1st at the same place and same hours. Don't forget to sign up!!

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