Thursday, March 27, 2014

[NEWS] MLIT: Rules and Understanding for the Baby Stroller Use in Public Means of Transportation

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism released new signs for baby stroller users.

*Image captured from MLIT news release

Press Release from MLIT (in Japanese)

The News Article on the Asahi Digital (News/ in Japanese)

Summery of the discussion at the council (in Japanese)
-As the number of families with young children getting out and using public means of transportation is increasing, the troubles between the other passengers are increasing. For the safe use and understanding for the use of the stroller, it is necessary to fix "rules of the stroller use" and "universal signs (mark) to urge the understanding for the use of the stroller".

(Brief Translation)
-For the safe use of the stroller
Spread copies of the flyer on safe use of the stroller for the users (fastening the seatbelt, using the brake/stopper, getting off the baby from the stroller when using an escalator etc.).

-For understanding and consideration for the use of the stroller
Put up posters to urge the understanding and consideration on the use of the stroller for both the users and other passengers.

-For the parties concerned in the transpiration and facilities etc.
Give detailed information on how to create a comfortable environment for the users.

-The universal signs 
The left in the photo above: a safe and authorized place to use the stroller
The right: a place where the use of stroller is not allowed

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