Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[ACTIVITY REPORT] Sewing & Knitting Meeting #4

We had the 4th sewing & knitting meeting on 7th March. This meeting had started for the bazzar in Feburuary, but we decided to comtinue to get together and make items. 7 members in the community participated and 5 were new at this meeting. We were so happy to have new members and enjoyed having time with them.

The mothers from foreign countries were interested in making Hina decoration ornaments. These ornaments are for Hinamatsuri, the Doll's Festival for girls, in March. The dolls called Hinaningyou are more common and these ornaments called Tsurushikazari were originally peculiar to Izu area in Shizuoka prefecture, but now they are seen in some other areas in Japan. People make them to pray for girls' good health and good relationships. They are made by Chirimen, crepe fabric. We tried to make them. They are not so difficult and so cute!
Monkeys & Hoozuki (a kind of fruit)

We could have time to feel refreshed while children were playing freely. It was also a nice opportunity to make friends with other mothers and share information. I want to see you all next time!

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