Tuesday, March 11, 2014

【IMCY Activity Report】Deko Maki Sushi Workshop & Gathering #2 on January 27th and #3 on 25th February, 2014.






IMCY held Deko Maki Sushi Workshop & Gathering #2 on January 27th and #3 on 25th February, 2014.

The IMCY mothers planned this workshop for women who live and raise children in Yokohama, to get to know other mothers regardless the nationality and make our lives happier and more comfortable (This activity is supported by the Nikomachi Subsidy).

We received a lot of applications for both workshops and are happy to find that many mothers are interested in our activity.

Unfortunately, it's the flu season and some people couldn't join due to their sickness. As in the pictures, participants enjoyed making Deko Maki Sushi (Baby Panda at #2 and Bear at #3) and communication.

At the workshop #2, the Baby Panda was comparatively easier and there was enough time to talk with other participants to share information on the places for mothers or get connected on Facebook etc. During the workshop for mothers, 14 children spent time in the nursery room with the help of babysitting volunteers. This time we asked each child's favorite toys beforehand and tell the babysitters, and we also asked the volunteers to prepare some music so that children can enjoy the stay. At first, we heard crying voices of some children but in a while they stopped and it seemed that they played in peace.

We decided to have the workshop #3 mainly for those who couldn't join the previous workshops. This time there was no babysitting and mothers and children stayed in the same room and mothers learned to make Deko Maki Sushi while children playing around them. There was a fear that mothers might not be able to focus on Deko Maki Sushi with children around, but in fact children rather looked happy that they can see their mom and played comparatively in peace under new environment and friends.

Both workshops were so much fun.
We would like to show our deep gratitude to the participants and volunteer staff.

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