Friday, December 27, 2013

[IMCY Activity Report]Deko Maki Sushi Workshop & Gathering for mothers on Dec.6th,2013









IMCY held the ‘Deko Maki Sushi Workshop & Gathering' at MInatomirai on Dec. 6th, 2013.

The IMCY mothers planned this workshop for women who live and raise children in Yokohama, to get to know other mothers regardless the nationality and make our lives happier and more comfortable.(This activity is supported by the Nikomachi Subsidy.)

We were so glad that a lot of people were interested in this event and there were far more applications than we expected.

Unfortunately, there were several absentees because of their children's sickness, but the rest of us enjoyed making Deko Maki Sushi (this time we made Snowman&Kagami-mochi) as in the pictures.And it was good to hear that some mothers were so happy to find and join this event since they were new and hadn't had many friends here.There was not enough time to talk with other mothers, but we believe that this event provided a chance to know new people and some connection in real and on FB and so on.In addition, some people offered help to IMCY as volunteers.

While mothers were making sushi, 16 children were playing with the volunteer baby-sitters in the nursery rooms.Mothers got a little worried to hear children's loud cries in the beginning, butchildren gradually calmed down and got used to the new place by playing with flour clay and toys or eating their bento lunch.

We had a really fun time.Thank you very much !!!
Next Deko Maki Sushi Workshop & Gathering is on Jan.27th 2014.

For more detail and application, please check the URL below.
■English page

Please have a happy holiday!

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