Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[SPORT] Public Swimming Pools in Yokohama

It's summer and kids (and adults, too) love swimming in a pool! There are many public swimming pools in Yokohama.

Here is the list of indoor swimming pools in Yokohama (provided by the city of Yokohama)

And the list of outdoor swimming pools.

Indoor swimming pools are basically open all year (except for New Year holidays, regular closure, or safety check day). Outdoor pools are open during summer. There are more outdoor pools in Yokohama but it seems that there are only pools managed by the city of Yokohama in the list. Other outdoor public pools are managed by a management association assigned by the city (we'll make the list later).

-Most of the swimming pools accepts kids who don't need diapers (finished potty training).
-And some requires a swimming cap for both children and adults. (In that case, swimming caps are available at the counter).
-Condition of use varies in each swimming pool. Some provides free rental bath towels while others don't allow shampoo/soap at the shower room etc... So we need to ask the staff or local friends.


Here's my own experience at one of the indoor swimming pools. We paid the charge and enter (took off our shoes), I bought a swimming cap (¥400) at a vending machine because it was required. There was a free locker for valuables, so I put my purse and cellphone. The lockers at changing room required 50 yen. We changed into a swimsuit, took a quick shower, and went into the pool. There were a pool for adults, a pool for kids, and a pool for little ones (preschool age) with little sliders. There was no limit of time. There was also a sauna room. The use of soap was not allowed at the shower room.

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