Thursday, July 11, 2013

[SHOP] Kimono Shop Hirota-ya in Hodogaya

The Kimono is a Japan's traditional costume. I this article, I would like to introduce my favorite kimono shop along with some facts about the kimono. 

Hirotaya is on route 201, 5 minutes walk from Sotetsu Line Tennocho station to the JR Hodogaya station direction. It was established more than 80 years ago and registered as a "Museum at the corner of street", which is a project with Hodogaya ward. 


I visited there to buy a new Yukata. The yukata price was from 2980 Yen and majority was 6800 Yen.
The Yukata(浴衣/ゆかた) is a casual clothes for summer, which used to be a kind of bath robe or a night dress. It is still used for that purpose, as you can see in that yukatas are offered at Onsen Ryokan (a traditional style hotel with hot spring).
Popular patterns are generally summer flowers, such as morning glory, balloon flower, dianthus etc...

People used to wear a yukata without an undershirt or an underskirt but as the material is very light and it shows through a little, people often wear an underwear for yukata (ゆかた下 yukata-shita).
Other thing you need to wear a yukata are Obi belt (帯/おび)and some koshi-himo cords(腰紐/こしひも).

This register has been used for nearly 80 years!! There are much antique furniture in this shop.
These cloths behind it (反物/たんもの) are for made-to-order kimonos. There are various types of kimonos. The popular one is called Furisode(振り袖/ふりそで), with long sleeves, colorful and gorgeous patterns. It is for unmarried (young) women and people often wear at the coming of age day (20 years old) and weddings. Married women wear short-sleeved kimonos.

The shop sells all the necessities for wearing a kimono: shoes, bags, socks, cords collars etc...
These kimono shops usually serve kimono cleaning, stain removal, size adjustment, repair, family emblem print and so on.

Shop Information:
Hirota ya
2-163 Iwama-cho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama
(Toll Free: 0120-41-5529)

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