Tuesday, January 6, 2015

[EVENT] Nanakusa gayu events on January 7th

Traditionally, Japanese people eat nanakusa (seven herbs) rice porridge on January 7th.

Check out what it looks like on the Wikipedia (in Japanese).

Nanakusa kayu (rice porridge) is served at some parks where old houses are preserved on that day.

Misono Park Yokomizo Yashiki (house) in Tsurumi

*No detail for this year is updated but it was for first 500 people at ¥100, started at 10:30 last year.

Hongo Fujiyama Park in Sakae

Nanakusa gayu and some games of New Year season.
First 100 people ¥100. 11:30-13:00 in front of the old house.

Tuzuki Minka en (in the Iseki Park near Center Kita) in Tuzuki
First 100 people, ¥100. 11:00-12:00. Dance performance.

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