Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[ACTIVITY REPORT] Baby Massage and Mothers YOGA Workshop









We held Baby Massage and Mothers Yoga Workshop on July 17th and September 17th.

The venue was Fukushia, 4 minutes on foot from the East Gate of Yokohama Station. On September 17th, 5 pairs of mothers and babies participated in the baby massage class and 9 mothers in the Yoga class.

In the baby massage class, after self-introductions, the babies took a patch test, which was used to make sure whether there were reactions with Apricot Kernel Oil or not. This oil is suitable to use for a baby's skin and it makes a rough skin recover. It's also good for a heat rush. After the test, an instructor taught them how to massage their babies.

The baby massage is not only for keeping a baby's body healthy, but also a kind of communication tool between a mother and a baby. Babies can understand mothers' feelings through the massage.

They experienced some massages, which lead various kinds of effects on babies' bodies, in a relax mood.

In the Mothers Yoga class, some staff did baby-sitting in the same room, so mothers enjoyed the time for themselves without their kids.  They tried from some kinds of stretching by their own to pair yoga and group yoga. They enjoyed it while communicating with other mothers. The time for relaxinng in a dim room with comfortable music. I thought it must be a precious time for mothers, who were very busy on looking after their kids.

After the classes,  mothers looked so refreshed. I hope having fun together in this event will make new relationships among mothers.

Thank you so much again for all participants!

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