Sunday, August 24, 2014

[IMCY Activity] Workshop & Gathering for mothers in Autumn 2014

We are hosting events for mothers and expectant mothers in Yokohama.
Get to know with mothers from different culture and build a relationship
to help out each other and make our lives  happier!
Free babysitting service will be provided in the same room or another room,
 so please feel free to come with your child(ren) and enjoy the events♪

①Baby Massage ②Mothers Yoga
①Baby massage: Oil massage for babies from around 2 months to 9 months.
②Mothers Yoga: Enjoy yoga and refresh your body and mind. 

 Date: Wednesday, 17th September ①10:00-11:00 ②11:15-12:15
Instructor:Ms. Fukiko Hirao 
Fee: JPY 500 for each session 
Venue: Fukushia (4-minute walk from East Gate of Yokohama Sta.We'll send you the map in English.)
※Her classes are usually in Japanese, but IMCY staff will join together and interpret in English.
※Application Deadline:Tuesday 9th September 12:00
※Free babysitting service will be provided in the same room, so if your child has his/her brothers and sisters, please do not hesitate to apply for these sessions.

Deko Maki Sushi
 Enjoy making Deko Maki and the demonstration of how to roll Jack-o'- Lanterns.

Date:Friday, 3rd October 10:30-12:30
Instructor:Ms. Maeda Emi
Fee: JPY 1,000 (Materials included)
Venue: Nishi-ward Chiku Center
   (12-minute walk from West Gate of Yokohama Sta.)

※Her classes are usually in Japanese, but we prepare recipes and instructions in English.
※Application Deadline:Tuesday 23th September 12:00
※Free babysitting service will be provided in another room.

Kite Making
 Let's make and fly a kite with outdoor recreation professionals. Young kids can hand paint a kite. We can also enjoy bubbles and playing with balls in the park.

Date: Monday, 27th October, 10:00-12:00
Instructor: Mr. Takahara Hiroki
Fee: JPY500 (Materials included)
Venue: Make kites at Yokohamashi Seishonen Koryu Center and then move to the park nearby if the weather permits. (15-minute walk from Sakuragicho station. Near Nogeyama Zoological Park.)
※This activity is supported by NPO National Outfitters Training School.
※IMCY staff will interpret during the workshop if needed.
※Application Deadline: Monday, 20th October, 12:00

★Capacity: 10 for each lesson.
Minimum number of participants: 6 people
In case the number of applicants exceeds the capacity, we will pick up participants through a drawing.

★Application and Inquiries: please email us with your full name, the name of your ward, phone number, email address and workshop(s) you are willing to participate (you can apply for more than one). If you bring your child(ren), give us your child's name and age, too. We will reply to you for confirmation within three days.
email address: [at] (please change [at] into @.)

★Organizer: International Mothers Community in Yokohama (IMCY)
IMCY is a group of international mothers providing a place to share information related to child-care on Facebook and a blog in English.

★Others: Please let us know if you are allergic to any food or something.

※This activity is supported by Nikomachi Subsidy.

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