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[WELFARE] Child Allowance Genkyo-Todoke 2014

The Present Condition Form (現況届 genkyo-todoke) arrived again this year. The form has slightly changed, so here we'll explain the new version.

Please refer the last year's post about the Child Allowance and the Present Condition Form.
2013 version

Just like last year, we are supposed to turn in the form by Monday, 30th June, 2014.

Summery of the green sheet
The Recipient Section
The Spouse Section
The Children Section
Back Side

Summery of the green sheet (surface)

You need to turn in this Genkyo-Todoke (present condition form) to continue receiving the allowance after June, or it will be stopped.

You are supposed to turn in:
-The genkyo-todoke
-A photocopy of your health insurance card or pension certificate etc.
-An income certificate if you moved in to Yokohama after 2nd January, 2014. Please contact your local government on 1st January, 2014 and tell them you need the certificate for the Child Allowance.

Attention: This form is not for the Temporary Allowance.

Deadline: Monday, 30th June

You can either mail (please prepare the postal stamp) or turn in at the local ward office.

*On the back, the amount of the allowance and limit of income are explained. It is also written that they need to investigate the income of the spouse in order to confirm who pays the most of the expense for the child(ren) and they need the agreement by your spouse.

The Recipient Section

1) Write the date of declaration on the right top.
2) Write the recipient's name. If possible, write the name in Katakana above.
3) Sign or stamp (if you have) next to the name. (*The name stamp called 印鑑 Inkan is frequently used in Japan) 4) The sex, birthdate and address should be already printed.
5) Write the recipient's telephone number (the one s/he can answer in daytime).
6) Circle the recipient's occupation.
From left to right: Employee / Self-Employed / Civil Servant / Not Employed / Others. Write in detail if you chose "Others".
7) Employment Type, already marked.
8) Write the name of the recipient's work place.
9) Type of the pension. Please circle the recipient's pension type. *1 (in the image above) [Please attach a photocopy of your Health Insurance card on the back of this sheet] (1) Social security pension (2) Private school teacher mutual-aid social security pension (3) National civil servant mutual-aid pension (4) Local civil servant mutual-aid pension (5) Japan Post mutual-aid pension (6) National Pension (including the Category III) (7) No Pension

10) Income certification. *2 (in the image above) [Please circle one among following choices] The recipient's resident city on 1st January 2014: In the City of Yokohama / Outside Yokohama / Outside Japan
-Those who chose "In the City of Yokohama" don't need to prepare the certification.
-Those who chose "Outside Yokohama" need to receive the income certification from the previous city (where s/he was citizen-registered on 1st January 2014) . Please contact the city for detail.
-Those who chose "Outside Japan" don't need to prepare the certification.
11) Do you have a spouse? Circle either Yes or No.
12) *3 Registered bank account. The allowance will be paid to your registered bank account. If you wish to change the account, please turn in the "Modification Form (変更届 Henko-todoke)". (Only the account in the name of the recipient is accepted).

The Spouse Section

1) If the recipient doesn't have a spouse, s/he doesn't have to fill this section.
2) Fill in the spouse's name, name in Katakana, signature or stamp, and birthdate.
3) Address: please circle "Live together" or "(live) separately" with the recipient. If you live separately, write the address of the spouse.
4) *4 The address on 1st January 2014: Same as the left / Different from the left but in Yokohama / Different from the left and outside Yokohama *If "outside Yokohama" is chosen, the spouse needs to turn in the income certification. The condition is the same as the recipient's case (see above).
5) Circle either Yes or No about your spouse's income.
6) Circle the occupation of your spouse. The choices are the same as the recipient's section.
7) Name and telephone number of your work place.
8) About the income investigation regarding the Child Allowance. The city would like to know how much the spouse earns to properly supply the allowance. If you agree with it, the city will investigate the spouse's income. If you disagree with it, the city cannot investigate the income and will stop the allowance after June.

The Children Section 

1) The names, relations, birthrates etc. of children under 18 years old should be already printed.
2) "Residence" shows if the recipient lives with the child/ren or not. "同居 (do-kyo)" means "living together" and "別居 (bekkyo)" means "living separately". If the recipient live separately with the child/ren, another sheet of application is required.
3) On "Living", if it is "同一 (do-itsu)", which means "the same", it indicates that the child is the recipient's biological or adopted child. If it is "維持 (iji)", which means "maintaining", the child is not recipient's child (ex. grandparent).

Please note: You can't change the recipient by this form. 
You can't add children by this form. 
You can't change the bank account to receive the allowance by this form. 
If the spouse's income exceeded the one of the recipient, the recipient may be changed to the one who earns more. In this case, you will need a new registration.  

Back side

Please attach the photocopy of the Health Insurance card

If the recipient affiliates National Pension / No Pension / Health Insurance of Yokohama city, no need to attach the photocopy of the Health Insurance.

If the recipient had an issuance card of one of below:
*1 (1) Health Insurance Membership Card (Japan Health Insurance Association/ Health Insurance Associations)
(2) Japan Doboku Kenchiku (public engineering) Health Insurance Association Card
(3) Private School Teachers mutual-aid Association Card
(4) Japan Post mutual-aid Association Card
(5) Sailor Health Insurance Card
(6) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology mutual-aid Membership Card (limited to branches like universities)
(7) Among mutual-aid membership cards, the one that it is clear the employer is an independent administrative institution or a local independent administrative institution.
Please attach the photocopy.

If any of above is not applicable of the recipient, but the recipient affiliates (mutual-aid) Social Security Pension, ask your employer to certify the affiliation with the pension using the form on the bottom.

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