Sunday, June 15, 2014

[ACTIVITY REPORT] Tea Ceremony Workshop & Gathering #1 on June 12th,2014.






IMCY held Tea Ceremony Workshop & Gathering #1 on June 12th,2014.

In spite of the rain, there were 14 mothers from several countries including local mothers and IMCY staff.We had a lecture for the first 30 minutes to learn the basics, and had matcha green tea and Wagashi(Japanese confection) in the tea ceremony room 5 people at a time.In the meantime, other mothers and IMCY staff looked after the children and enjoyed talking with each other.According to the answers of the questinnaire, 6 out of 7 mothers said they got to know some new friends in this workshop.We were so happy to know that!

We found the instructor among the ones who registered as "teachers in the Nishi-ward community", since this workshop was supported by Nishi-ward subsidy.She is from Omote-Senke school, and instructed in both English and Japanese. Her matcha green tea was so delicious and the Japanese confection she chose was also wonderful. For this time, We had the Japanese confection which was produced by the local confection shop, named "Minato Festival (originally produced for Open-Port anniversary of Yokohama the other day) and colorful Kompeito (sugar confetti).Even though there was a temporary power-down trouble in the tea ceremony room and the washing room, mothers enjoyed the tea ceremony and had clam and relaxed time.The instructor prepared a lot for our workshop and it was exactly the "hospitality" of the way of tea.

It became a very good opportunity to experience beautiful Japanese culture and we enjoyed a lot with the participants and their children!It was also nice to have a student volunteer from Akita prefecture. We hope she learned something for her study.

We would like to show our deep gratitude to the participants, volunteer staff, the instructor and her family.

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