Thursday, April 17, 2014

[Sick/ Handicapped Children] Kanachie/ Ryoiku Oyako Talk

  • Location - Kanagawa ward

  •  Access - 3 min walk from JR Higashi-kanagawa station or Keikyu Nakakido station

  • Schedule - once/ month, 1-2 hrs/ time

  • Who can attend? - All mothers with handicapped child (aged 0 to preschool) and those who are interested in that topic


“Ryoiku (child care with nursing) Oyako (parent and child) Talk” in Kanachie started in 2011 by the voice of mothers raising handicapped children to make a space for them to meet up and share their feelings or daily information for child care. Kanachie is a Child-Care Support Base in Kanagawa ward located on the third floor in the Tobu Ryoiku building, and on the “Ryoiku talk” date, about ten to twenty mothers with or without their children gather to the place to have some conversations with other mothers. As the talk space is set in one corner of the play space, you can join the conversation while your kids play freely in the space.

 “Ryoiku Oyako Talk” has also been a place that provides the opportunity for the mothers to find out issues surrounding handicapped children, which accordingly bred the “Hashin Time (time to inform other mothers in the play space about the issues)” or the “Network Time (time to have conversation with staffs from related facilities such as public health nurses or staff from NPO)” of “Ryoiku Oyako Talk”.

There are no interpreters in Kanachie, but from their experience, usually some of the mothers in the place speak some English, and even if it’s difficult to make deep communication, they can share the feeling as a mother and non-Japanese speakers enjoy there. It’s possible for Kanachie to request the city for an interpreter, but they feel “it’s unnecessary.”

If you are looking for a free talk space for handicapped children, “Ryoiku talk” in Kanachie is a good place.


Free talk


221-0044, Yokohma-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Higashikanagawa, 1-29, Toburyoiku buil. 3F






 (Japanese only)

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