Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[WELFARE] Child Allowance "Genjo-todoke (Present Condition Form)"

Child Allowance Present Condition Form (Genkyo-todoke現況届) in an yellow envelop arrived on the first of June.
About Child Allowance(児童手当 jido-teate), it is very well explained in English on the website of KIC, so please read it to understand what Child Allowance is. Click here (opens a new window).

This "Present Condition" must be declared every year in June to continue receiving the allowance mainly because the amount of the allowance is decided according to your income (which should be changed from time to time).

In the envelop there are:

1) The announcement of the Present Condition Form in 2013 (a green sheet)
2) The Present Condition Form
3) Guidance (how to fill the form)
4) Announcement of a misprint (a little piece)
5) A pale yellow envelop to return

What You Are Supposed to Submit

-The Present Condition Form -A photocopy of the Health Insurance Card/Social Security Pension Certification -Income Certification (For those who moved into Yokohama after 2nd January 2013 must prepare the income certification issued by the local government)
*If there is another document to turn in, the department of children and youth will contact you later.

When and Where You Submit Them

Deadline: Sunday 30th June, 2013
1)By Mail (please use the envelop enclosed and don't forget the postal stamp, 80 yen if less than 25g)
2)Hand it at the Counter in your local ward office (Children and Families Support Section)

Those above are written on the green paper (surface). On the back of the green paper, the income investigation of the spouse, the amount of the allowance, and the income limitation system are explained.

How to fill the form is explained in another page.

About Child Allowance Present Condition Form (opens a new window).

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