Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[HEALTH]Cervical Cancer (HPV) Vaccination Side Effect Problem

Cervical Cancer (HPV) vaccination has been a regular vaccination for girls of 12-16 years old in Japan. However, severe side effect cases have been reported and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced that they don't strongly recommend the vaccination right now. They're under the research on the relation between the vaccination and the effects.

You can still take the vaccination subject to your understanding of the risks and profits of the vaccine.

Announcement PDF in Japanese (through Yokohama City Health and Social Welfare Bureau)

 Here is the overview of the announcement. We skip the explanation about the Cervical cancer and its vaccine.

The risks of the vaccination.
Major side reactions:
<Cervarix> (over 50%)pain after injection, reddening, swelling, fatigue,  (10-50%) itchiness, stomachache, sore muscle, joint pain, headache, (1-10%) nettle rash, dizziness, fever, (less than 1%) sensory disorder around the injection area, numbness, lassitude, (frequency unknown) pain around arms and legs, faint, lymph node inflammation

<Gardasil> (over 50%) pain after injection, (10-50%) swelling after injection, red spots, (1-10%) itchiness, bleeding, headache, pain, fever, (less than 1%) induration, pain around arms and legs, stiffened muscle, stomachache, diarrhea, (frequency unknown) fatigue, ennui, faint, sore muscle, joint pain, vomit

There rarely are severe side reaction.
Specialists are gathering information and under the research. The relation is still unclear, but there have been reports of  continuous pain after the vaccination.
-Anaphylaxis (1/960,000*)
-Guillain-Barre syndrome (1/4,300,000*)
-ADEM (1/4,300,000*)
*These contain the cases which don't seem to be related to the vaccine.

Caution after the vaccination:
-Please consult your doctor as soon as you find any reaction. You are recommended to remain seated or stay still for about 30 minutes after the vaccination. On that day, avoid hard exercises, taking a bath, keep the injected area clean and pay attention to your condition.
-In case you need medical treatment for the side reaction, please contact the department of vaccination in your local ward office. There may be some help by the government depending on your condition.

And even if you have had the vaccination, it is important to take cervical cancer check up regularly after you turn 20 years old.

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