Friday, May 24, 2013

[EVENT]Yokohama Kaikousai Festival 2013 横浜開港祭2013

The 2nd of June if the anniversary of the opening of the Yokohama port (154th anniversary in 2013).The 32nd Yokohama Kaikosai Festival is held on the second weekend in June.

Date:8the and 9th June.
Place:Mainly around Rinko Park,also around Minatomirai, Yamashita Park etc...

Events are divided into three parts: Marine Events, Land Events and Stage Events. Here we are going to pick up Marine and Land Events.

Marine Events

-Rose Yokohama Bay Cruise
¥100, first come, first served
Pukari Pier in the Rinko Park
8th June (SAT) & 9th June (SUN)
9th June (SUN)

-Japan Self Defense Ship "Yamagiri" Exhibition
10:00-16:00 on SAT, 9:00-16:00 on SUN
Schedule may be changed.
Shinko Pier, berth no.8

-Loyal Wing Tea Cruise
9th June (SUN) 14:45-16:15
Tickets available on 8th June (place unannounced yet)
for 100 people, ¥1000/person.
From Osanbashi pier.

-Marine Shuttle
150 people, once on 9th June.
11:30-12:30 from Yamashita Park.

-Rubber Boat Steering Experience for kids
¥100, elementary school and up.
8th June (SAT)
9th June (SUN)
In front of Rinko Park

-Sea Kayak Experience for kids
Kids can enjoy sea kayak after taking a lecture by the instructor.
8th June (SAT) 10:00-16:00
At Nihon-maru Memorial Park

-Aqua Marine Fukushima, a small fish pool
8th Sune (SAT)
10:00-16:00 9th June (SUN)
At Rinko Park

-HAPPY BOX Hanjin Shipping Exhibition
8th and 9th June. 10:00-16:00
At Rinko Park

-Ship Parade
Performances of the ships owned by the Immigration, Yokohama City Fire Bureau etc.
9th June (SUN)13:50-15:10
In front of Rinko Park

-Beam Spectacle in Harbor
Firework, water, light beam and sound effect show.
9th June (SUN)20:20-20:50

-Seyamaru Exhibition
Seyamaru, which will be sent to Sanriku (Tohoku) as a part of supports for Tohoku, Japan, will be presented before it leaves.
At Pukari Pier.

Land Events

-NTT EAST Stamp Rally
You can receive a stamp if you find the right answer to the questions about Yokohama.
8th & 9th June, 10:00-18:00 at around Rinko Park

-Port Opening Street
Booths about old-day Yokohama and Yokohama oriented products.
At Rinko Park, Kaiko Area. 10:00-18:00

-World Gourmet Carnival
10:00-20:00. We can enjoy world foods and desserts.
At Rinko Park, Food Area.

-Garbage separation Station
Please separate and throw away the garbage from this festival there for recycling.

-Wakuwaku Kids Land
Petting zoo, Dog Run, exercising with (professional) sports players etc.
At the Cup Noodle Museum Park 10:00-17:00.
-Kaiko Cafe
Light meal and drinks.
10:00-18:00 in front of the Main Stage.

-4th Yokohama Sweets Paradise
12 pre-chosen Yokohama sweets are sold and first 1000 visitors can taste 3 of them for 300 yen and vote on 8th June. The grand-prix will be chosen by judges on 9th among the top 4 chosen by the 1000 visitors.
8th June (SAT) 11:00-18:00 (the vote will be 11:00-13:00).
9th June (SUN) 10:00-18:00 (the grand-prix selection will be 11:00-12:00)
At Rinko Park.

-Rescue vehicles exhibition
10:00-16:30 at Rinko Park.

-Ocean Land
Workshops on the ocean and the creatures in the sea.

-Short Film Festa
On the screen next to the Main Stage 10:00-18:00.

-Rental Cart Trial
There are 2-seaters with an instructor so young kids can enjoy it.
8th June (SAT) 10:00-16:00
At Rinko Park

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