Wednesday, May 8, 2013

[MOM'S CHAT] English Playgroup in Hongodai, Yokohama


MOM'S CHAT is an English playgroup take place every month in Hongodai, Yokohama.

Here is the information of the May meeting.

Date:Thursday, 16th May, 2013
Nursing Room (1F) of Earth Plaza @ Hongodai Sta.

1. Kid's time ; sing, dance, or read with kids in English (from English instractor)
2. Learning time; learn some English phrases that you can use in your daily life with kids (from English instractor)
3. Free talk time; let's talk in English
*the theme; What did you do in GW? What's the most impressive event during GW?
4. Craft time; let's make name tags for you and your kids (materials are provided by staffs)

We split the bill of the room and materials we use, so it depends how many moms can join. (Usually 200-300 yen per person. Less than 500 yen)

You can have lunch after the gathering at the nursing room until 13:00 if you want.

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