Sunday, April 21, 2013

[LEISURE] Train Movie for kids at Warner Mycal Cinemas from 11th May

A new train movie for kids will be out on 11th May at Warner Mycal Cinemas.

しんかんせんとたのしいでんしゃたち(The Shinkansen and cheerful trains) is a movie for young children. There appear various trains in Japan with some quiz and anime.
The movie is out from 11th May at Warner Mycal Cinemas (Minatomirai or Kohoku New Town in Yokohama)

Tickets: 500 yen for children from 2 to 12 years old (before junior high school), 1000 yen for 12 and up. A pair of tickets for a child and an adult in advance available at 1400 yen (100 yen cheaper) at Loppi (A ticketing machine in Lawson and MiniStop).

Duration: 45 min

*The theater is less dark than usual and the sound is lower so that children won't be frightened.

Warner Mycal Cinemas website page about the movie (in Japanese)
Official website of the movie (in Japanese)

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