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[PLAYGROUP] International Mothers (Fathers) Gatherings in Yokohama

1) International Mothers Gathering by Hodogaya International Exchange Center

Official Website of Hodogaya International Exchange Center

The gathering is basically held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, from 10:30 to 11:30, but it changes sometimes and no gatherings in August and January.
Mothers from foreign countries and local mothers meet up and talk about child-care. There are always several volunteer staff who are experienced mothers (they have children/grandchildren of elementary school and up) who give us advice and play with kids. Basically, there's no limit of the age of the child(ren). Not all the volunteers speak English, but there are always someone who speaks English.

Activities: crafts, sandwich party, potluck party, dental-care advice, puppet theater etc...
Sometimes, foreign mothers provide special events such as dance performance, traditional costume trial and so on.

You can also check the unofficial Facebook page.

Address: 1-7-15 Iwama-cho, Hodogaya-ku 保土ケ谷区岩間町1-7-15 岩間市民プラザ3階
Iwama Shimin Plaza (two-minute walk from Sotetsu Line Tennocho station), 3F Japanese Room
(When you pass the gate, turn right and continue until the first crossing. Cross the main autoroute and turn right.)
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2) International Parenting Gathering at Smile Port (Minatomirai)

Smile Port is a Child-care Support Base in Nishi ward. Website Access Page (in Japanese)
Address: Mitsubishi Industry Yokohama Building Shopping Plaza 3F, 3-3-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku
横浜市西区みなとみらい3-3-1 三菱重工横浜ビルショッピングプラザ3階
Five minutes from Minatomirai station, 10 minutes from JR/Subway Sakuragicho-station,  one minute from the bus stop "みなとみらい大通 Minatomirai Odori" or seven minutes from the bus stop "花咲橋 Hanasakibashi"
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They have the gathering basically every 4th Friday, 10:30-11:30
Please confirm the schedule on their calendar.

*Smile Port and other Childcare Support Bases in Yokohama are for caretakers and preschool children (mainly 0-3 years old). Pre-moms are welcome, too.
*Membership registration needed (free).

3) Multicultural Family & Baby Playgroup at Konan International Lounge

Multicultural Family & Baby Playgroup is held every 2nd Monday (except in August, October and January) from 10:30 to 12:00. Anyone with little children can join. Gathering is mainly conducted in Japanese but as it is at the International Lounge, you don't really have to worry about language.

Address: Konan International Lounge, 13F Yumeo-oka Office Tower, 1-6-1 Kamio-oka nishi, Konan-ku 港南区上大岡西1-6-1ゆめおおおかオフィスタワー13階
(You can reach the building without getting out of the station building(s)).
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Konan International Lounge (website)
PDF about the playgroup

4) Shabering International Exchange at Haguhagu no Ki (Gumyo-ji)

At Haguhagu no Ki (Minami Child-care Support Base) (website in English)
10:30-11:30, on around the beginning of every month (the date varies every month, basically first Tuesday in Jan, Mar, May, July, Sep and Nov and first Saturday in Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct and Dec)
Anyone who are interested in International Exchange can join it. There is also a book advisor on the gathering day, and some picture books in foreign languages.

*Like other child-care bases, Haguhagu no Ki is for babies, preschool children and their caretakers (or pre-moms).
*Membership registration needed (free).

Address 2F Calme I, 158 Gumyoji-cho, Minami-ku 南区弘明寺町158カルムI 2階
(In between Keikyu Gumyoji and Blue Line (Yokohama Subway) Gumyoji stations. On the Gumyoji shopping street above Seven Eleven).
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5) International Mothers Gathering at Isopiyo (Isogo)

At Isopiyo (Isogo Parenting Support Base) (website in Japanese) (information in English)
This international mothers gathering might be for Isogo habitants. Please confirm the base.
On a Friday in June, August, October, December (2015), and February (2016) 10:30-11:30.
*The schedule may be changed, please contact the base for details.
*Like other child-care support bases, Isopiyo is for babies, preschool children and their caretakers (pre-moms are welcome, too).
*Membership registration needed (free).

Address: 2F 1-7-10 Itoicia Mori, Isogo-ku 磯子区森1-7-10イトイシア2階
2 minutes walk directly from JR Isogo station (when you passed the gate, turn right, continue walking on the bridge and it's on the left end of the building).
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6) Nakama Talk: International Exchange at Knachie

At Kanachie (Kanagawa ward Child-care Support Base) (website in Japanese)
International mothers gathering Nakama Talk International Exchange is held every 1st Thursday from 11:00-12:00. Foreign mothers and fathers, intermarriage couples, returnees, and those who would like to talk with them can join the meeting.

*Like other child-care bases, Kanachie is for babies, preschool children and their caretakers (or pre-moms).
*Membership registration needed (free).

Address: 3F Tobu Ryoiku Bldg. 1-29 Higashi-kanagawa, Kanagawa-ku.
Three minutes walk from JR Higashi-Kanagawa or Keikyu Nakakido stations.
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(updated: Jan 30/2016)

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